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IGN: Look behind you and ask them.

Duke, you're one of the most respectful people to your parents I've ever seen, and that's considering that I've got a much less formal idea of respecting and honoring my own parents that works for me and them. You said that going above and beyond what is expected of you as their child is "expected of you" and thus unworthy of their praise in their eyes? Have you ever challenged that sentiment by asking them what, to them, exactly is "going above and beyond their expectations?" I get the feeling you'd either be met with profound silence or something unreasonable even to you.

Some people will never be happy with what you do for them. That's just the way it is. I can understand your frustration, though, because for the longest time I felt like nothing I did was good enough for my mother's approval and then I eventually concluded that it was just her, not me. And you've done things I wish I could have been able to do back then to show my parents how good of a child I was, and I guarantee you they would have been more than proud of what you have done, for yourself and for them. Nothing you've done can be described as less than admirable, and thus I could never find your rants unreasonable. It's time for you to start doing for you, though. Move out, and if it really concerns you, send them money periodically. You've been doing your part and then some while living with them, and knowing you, you'll continue to do so even after you've moved out. Anyone expecting more of you is being downright unfair, and I doubt that these are things they expected of you because they did more for their parents.
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