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IGN: Fllowe, ZiIver
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Ign (s) ZiIver, Aurrae (TH), Fllowe (GS 8D) (Don't really use Aurrae or Fllowe)
Real Name Brendan
Nicknames Bren, Toast, ... Bread. (Not kidding, just switch the a and d in my name and take the n's out ) [If anything, call me Bren]
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Messenger Aim - ask if you want o.o
Hobbies ...Latale lol. Uh... Brawl, Pogeymans. Various other video games and such. /Couch potato
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*skips down to bio*
Bio Hm... I'm shy and such. I don't talk much until I've gotten to know you. I'm casual-competitive so I like some competition but I don't really go overboard. Maybe I'll add to this sometime o.o