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Default Why do you do this shit?

I come home and find my room trashed. A load of crap on my floor, drawers open, things disturbed, and some stuff that are actually worth a good sum of cash that I care for on the floor. I know you guys let my brothers in while I wasn't home.

Well actually, you guys have always let them in when I'm not home, but it was never THIS bad. I can even tell they've been on my computer. Why do you guys do this shit? It's bad enough you guys don't ask me or tell me, (I have to bring it up for you guys to be like "oh...yeah.") but when my room ends up looking like a warzone, CHANGE NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

That's about as plausible as establishing contact with aliens though. I've told you guys countless times, DON'T LET THEM IN MY ROOM, but hey, screw that, let them in anyway. Why don't you just donate my room to charity? It's better than having it destroyed, but both produce the same result: me losing stuff.

God damn, you even let my brothers take my PSP for a while, and then you guys took the charger for it and told me you'd return it. I don't see it in my room. I don't remember being given it.

You guys proved a good number of times that you don't give a damn unless it affects you. Maybe I should fight fire with fire. You guys aren't home when I get home. I could totally hide a lot of crap and be an immature ****head. Maybe I should, if it would make you guys listen to the simple, reasonable, logical, SMALL request of not letting them **** with my room.