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Originally Posted by SereneSky
Just wondering for K-SDGO, how does the Over-custom thing work? o.O
I've been reading somewhere that you have a chance in failing the custom and that there's things called level protectors.

And also, I remember reading some other stuff about a "exp storage". So how does that work too?
Over customization can be done after your MS has reached all of its natural stat points. It will continue to gain xp untill you can overcustomize it. OC1 has a 100% rate of succes. Currently you can only OC to level OC5. If you fail to OC all your OC levels dissapear, but a protection item helps to combat this. If you do fail you still need to fill up the exp bar again. Stats also do not have drawbacks anymore. In turn they raise a bit less.

About the exp storage: If your unit cant get xp anymore the excess xp goes into storage. Normally you always get a bit of xp in storage for missions though. There are items that allow you to transfer exp from storage to an unit. These items, unlike protects, are cash only though.

Hope that helps.