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In the english version... DX has no "cap" which makes them so lethal (and fun)....

their wind skills are still pretty powerful... if you can get a tombeth hammer and the "wind rings" from myshop... well... its just murder..... the most lethal chizerker among buffs AND wind skills >3

If you get some good AP and HP gear....... DX buffs are much better grinders than AP buffs xD

but if you don't have a GS and GLS.... you've set yourself up for a death trap ._.

btw here is a video of my DX buff (r.i.p.) in action against blood..... just before for he was hacked ;-;

I was using skills more often though..... My melee is the 1.6k damage numbers..... It would do more if I used my GLS though xD

But I hope you consider pure DX :3
its a fun little way to be different and still crack a few skulls~ ;3
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