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Originally Posted by xKakashi
I've thought about doing an action to kill myself at times. I think about how it would change the people I know and the people I wanted to know. I want to know if there is a "beyond" sometimes I really WANT to know if there really is a beyond D=

I find that death is a curious and sad time. The fact that you'll never see them.. you'll never know them better, but you want to know.. what is gonna happen now? What will happen to them, me, you, and the rest of the world?

In my opinion, every death changes the world, weather it be 1 second of difference or a revolution worthy of difference. These questions make me thing, what would happen if I die and sometimes I really feel curious about what would happen if I die. I think about the fact that if I kill myself there would be no stress or anything, so sometimes I think about the plus of that.

It's not like I will do it, just thought to myself what it would be like.. hard question~
Impossible to know if there's a beyond to that point. Some people look forward to death for their belief in metempsychosis or the "afterlife" that supposedly one gets for their spiritual side.
Typically, the death of many happens each second, and most people don't notice it or realize it unless they were in contact with people constantly that those people were accustomed to said person.
If you visit friends/family often or they know you well enough, then you can be certain that those people will be affected in a negative light that they'll be depressed to an extent for an unknown amount of time. However, things move on and you'll likely just become a memory at some point. People naturally can't let a death of a person drag them down indefinitely, they get over the death of a loved one or relative. If they don't the result usually becomes their own death from unwilling to continue living if affected that greatly.