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(Recommend me an Anime Series based off of what I like and dislike?)

Recently watched favorites:

Ouran High Host Club
Tales of the Abyss <-- The PS2 game is great and they did a wonderful job turning it into an anime.
Galaxy Express 999 <-- Yeah... I know it is old but it is one of the best animes I have watched.
Interstella 5555 <-- Also old but it's Daft Punk... can you really refuse to listen to him?

Recently watched and thought was Okay:

Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R <-- The older seasons are better and the manga is waaaay better.

Recently watched and disliked:

Soul Eater <-- It isn't for everyone. If you read the manga, I heard you will not like the ending to the anime.

Disgaea <-- game was awesome, show was poorly drawn and it sucked.

Witchblade - (...) I regret that I even watched it. My eyes literally bled when I watched the first episode. If you do not call this show fan service, then you are messed up in the head.

All time favorites:

Slayers - Season 1, 2 and 3 <-- The second season is the best, the first season has a lot of animation problems and the 3rd was a nice continuation of the story.

Lucky Star - I really like random crap, much like Ouran Host Club... However, I really wish all the girls... including the teachers, looked like little girls. <-- Pedo much?

Azumanga Daioh - Pretty much as random as Ouran High, loved it when I first saw it.

Blood+ - I really didn't think I'd like it because of the whole vampire thing but Haji is just way too shmexy and the show is overall an epic win.

Code Geass <-- Body Proportions don't make sense and everyone has very pretty feminine eyes but the story is good at least.

Magic Knight Rayearth - 1st Season <-- Watched it when I was little and became obsessed with it... I don't know how...

Cyborg 009 - Very sad but very good.

Escaflowne - Van <3
Gundam Wing - I loved this anime when I was a kid

Shin Chan - Do I really need to give an explanation to why this is good?
Paranoia Agent - Who doesn't like extreme insanity and Japanese Yodeling?
Excel Saga - Hail Lord Illpallatzo! (sp?)

These 5 don't need explanations...

Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell

All time "okay" Animes:

Pokemon - 1st season (All the other seasons are crap in my opinion)
Bleach (It started out good... but now it just has the DBZ complex)
Yu Yu Hakisho (Once again... started out great but recieved the DBZ complex)
Full Metal Alchemists (It was great... up until it started to stray away from the Manga...) btw I HATE ROSE RAWR!
Loveless (It was too short and it totally strayed from the manga)
Rurouni Kenshin (It just started to get boring after a while... the whole rock breaking thing didn't make sense at all)
Tenchi (All Series) They were all good but they weren't spectacular
Dragon Ball - 1st season <-- really good but after that season... it just became lame.
Bobobo - I really liked it but I never really saw too much of it.

Animes of All time that I dislike:

Naruto - I'm sorry but they aren't ninjas... they are magicians... also... Orange + Stealth = DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! Aaaaand... almost everyone has an Emo past... get over yourself Sasuke.

Trinity Blood - Okay... what? It's like Kenshin had a baby with a vampire! Also... A vampire that feasts on other Vampires... really?

Inuyasha - (...)

Hilariously dumb Animes of all time:

Prince of Tennis - I'M ADOPTING THE SNAKE STANCE! IT IS WHERE I STAND PERFECTLY STILL! Wait... there are no stances in tennis and you should always be moving in tennis... does... not... compute.
That spinning Top anime - Magical beasts in spinning tops.... ummm.....what?
Digimon - they all have mon at the end of their name... it's annoying...
Yugioh and Yugioh GX - Zombie Duelists.... zombie duelists.... yeah....

DBZ and on - VEGETA WHAT IS HIS POWER LEVEL?! IT'S OVER 9000! (Which they stop really caring about later on and Goku dies waaaay too much. Androids turning human and giving birth? Pink monsters turning people into food?! Planet about to blow up in five minutes but takes 6 episodes?!

There is much more... but I'm getting tired of this. Also... I am not trying to offend your taste in anime. I just don't like those shows.