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Default Gladiator

Gladiators --- [Glad100]
Gladiators will be split into the following sections similar to Knights.

Table of Contents
  1. Commentary------------[Glad110]
  2. Skills---------------------[Glad120]
    • Bro Skills---------[Glad121]
    • Skill Builds-------[Glad122]
  3. Leveling Up!-------------[Glad130]
  4. Combos------------------[Glad140]
  5. PvP-----------------------[Glad150]
  6. Tips and Tricks---------[Glad160]
  7. Job Advancement ------[Glad170]

Commentary --- [Glad110]
Gladiators are beasts in attack and they get even better in future jobs. They have significantly lower HP than Knights as I started to notice. So they have their HP Pots+% effects especially in their Armor Sets. They are really useful and you'll need it so raise it! Extra healing never hurts. As I've said before Gladiator's only being to wield two handed swords have a slow normal attack, however their air combo isn't as slow, it's actually pretty decent speed. Gladiator's Bro skills are exceptional to say the least. Gladiators are the path of sheer power, defeat before you get defeated. I loved playing as a Gladiator but wouldn't put it over tough standing knights. However I can say I really enjoyed playing them, as they get more skills than Knights.

Skills --- [Glad120]
Again I would like to thank Eilrahc21 for the Gladiator Skill Charts. they are awesome.
  • Grizzly Power

  • Acceleration

  • Advanced Sword Mastery

  • Annihilation

  • HP Recovery

  • Dashing Blow

  • Aerial Blow

  • I'm Gone Bro!

  • Incoming Bro!

  • Gamble

  • Stumblebum

  • Wrath of Earth


Bro Skills --- [Glad121]

This is a small section explaining the use of Incoming Bro! and I'm Gone Bro!.

I'm Gone Bro! - This is the short range Bro move. This skill spawns Bro right in front of you and does an 8-hit combo kick. Right after you do the short hand moving animation you can keep on moving and Bro will finish it's combo by himself. As I said before, the damage, position, and time, are all done instantly after you press the key but the animation is slow so while the enemies are getting combo's you're free to move or cast Annihilation to use with Wrath. Remember that this skill can also be used with Annihilation and it works for every hit Bro does.

Incoming Bro! - This skill is the long distance version of Bro. He basically dashes pretty far from you and does a 3-hit combo that has knockdown. Again this skill does it immediately even if the character moves before Bro's dash gets there, and he will get knocked down only AFTER Bro's done with his animation. The damage will appear just as Bro is doing the animation though.This skill can surprise any enemy in PvP as since it's instant they can't dodge it. Make sure to leave this skill at LV1 and master the distance it goes to. This skill is fairly good in PvP remember to leave it at level one as damage is poor.

Skill Builds --- [Glad122]
Just as I did with Knight I'll mention one skill build to take example from. All the way from warrior to Gladiator LV39. Note this is after a LV30+ skill reset so you can make space for 2nd job skills. For Pre-Gladiator skills please check out the warrior section in skill builds.

Total SP at LV 39 = 760 + 10 SP already put into Blow which will not be counted.

Sword Mastery LV5 = 50SP
Storm Blade LV5 = 100SP
Hammer Crush LV5 = 50SP
Cutdown LV1 = 20SP
Total for first job = 220SP
760-220SP = 540SP left for second job.

Grizzly Power LV5 = 75SP
Acceleration LV1 = 20SP
Advanced Sword Mastery = 50SP
Total for now = 145SP
540-145 = 395SP

Dashing Blow LV1 = 20SP
Aerial Blow LV1 = 10SP
I'm Gone Bro LV5 = 75SP
Wrath of Earth LV5 = 100SP
Total for Now = 205SP
395SP - 205SP = 190SP

Incoming Bro! LV1 = 15SP
Gamble LV1 = 20SP
Stumblebum LV1 = 10SP
HP Recovery LV5 = 75SP
Total for Now = 120SP
190 - 120 = 70SP

Annihilation LV 2 Needed for Wrath of Earth = 30SP
70-30 = 40SP left for you to use.

Okay so what can you do with 40SP? Well lets see our choices, Acceleration, it uses 20SP per level that's a lot of SP you can only raise it to LV3 since we already counted 1. I think wasting your points in acceleration is a no-go. Next we have Annihilation which is already at LV2 and it's 15SP per level. You can get that to LV4 and have 10SP left. Incoming Bro? I already said raising this isn't worth it. Gamble, it uses 20SP per level and it's already at LV1 meaning it'll go to LV3, if you think the buffs are good enough then be my guest and do it. With 40SP it gives you just enough to max out Stumblebum. Which as I said it's not really that useful to raise but is some extra % and at LV5 it'll be -40% which is quite nice.

An extra options is not to go down to Stumblebum and sacrifice it to be able to max Annihilation, which is a good investment IMO. Alternatively leave Hammer Crush at LV4 which will also lower the Stun rate but you'll have also Stumble Bum. Hammer Crush's stun will always be better and I don't recommend lowering any level but it is an alternative. Otherwise do whatever you want with the 40SP. If you want save them for third job as you'll probably need them.

Leveling Up! --- [Glad130]
This is pretty much a copy pasta from the Knight section but I've changed the middle paragraph which talked about combos to fit Gladiators.

If you haven't read the Warrior guide on curious on how to level faster, you probably already know how. There are no special tricks to leveling that I know of, just the basics always be in a party, always train in Mission Maps. After I got second job I just went to White Tooth did F1-F4 and keep on doing F4 until most of our people got to LV23 then we kicked off right away after doing F5 for the Hero quest and headed for Alvida, she was dangerous so we stayed at F3 until we all got to LV25 where we got our new weapon, then kept doing F4 and F4 leveling. If you have a good party it doesn't matter being a little under the normal level in a Mission map. In White Tooth and Alvida it's really easy to get S ranks and might find part of your set. Keep doing this for Every Mission map afterwards and you shouldn't have a problem leveling. Remember to be in a party and cash in your friend points for experience once in a while.

In MMs there is always large mobs as a warrior but warrior's weakness in combo-ing is distance. To stay in combo you can use I'm Gone Bro! and leave him to do the combo as you walk off to the other mob, but you need to make sure you know you'll beat them otherwise you'll need to backtrack. If you can see the enemy at the edge of the screen you might want to try using Wrath of Earth as it'll probably reach. If you manage to beat them with Storm Blade and the next mob is just far away, you can always use Incoming Bro! to hit one enemy as you catch up the next mob. Alternatively you can walk off and as you see the enemy reach the distance use Incoming Bro! and move right until the next mob. Like a hit and run kind of thing. Also, it might be hard but since bosses after have infinite spawn mobs trying to finish with a God-Like combo so you can get also extra experience from the boss when you kill him.

Again this isn't leveling but it helps level, make sure you do WANTED quests even if you refuse to do the others. Normal questing doesn't give much money but remember if a quest is assigned for a monster that's in a Mission Map always get them. I haven't seen a really good quest guide otherwise I'd reference it to see what skills you will get at what point.

Combos --- [Glad140]
I will only add combos that have at least one Gladiator skill. Note: Annihilation will not be fit in them. Also the skill builds might be weird but this is just so you get an idea of what can be Combo'd.

Incoming Bro! + Dashing Blow + Storm Blade + Aerial Blow + Hammer Crush + I'm Gone Bro!

Sword Dance + Incoming Bro! + Wrath of Earth + Storm Blade + Hammer Crush + I'm Gone Bro!

Stumblebum + Wrath of Earth + + Dashing Blow + Storm Blade + Iincoming Bro!

Dashing Blow + Air Combo with Aerial Blow + Cutdown + Air Combo with Aerial Blow etc. Kinda hard to do in PvP.

I'm Gone Bro! Bro! + Hammer Crush + Dashing Blow + Storm Blade

I'm Gone Bro! + Storm Blade + Aerial Blow + Hammer Crush + Wrath of Earth (Haven't actually tried linking I'm Gone Bro's last kick with Storm Blade)

Wrath of Earth + Dashing Blow + Storm Blade + Hammer Crush + Sword Dance + I'm Gone Bro! + Hammer Crush + Dashing Blow + Storm Blade

The last one I haven't actually tried but technically it should work. Will update once I check.

PvP --- [Glad150]

First up I will talk about Gladiator skills in PvP and how they can be useful. I'll only talk about buffs or attack skills not any passive ones.

Acceleration - While I didn't recommend raising this skill I will explain what uses this skill has in PvP. Well for one thing this skill does speed up Down + Atk so in case you want to beat up an enemy with that instead of a skill it can help. You always depend on skills for any fight so I don't think there's anything else that Acceleration might be useful for. Anyone know? Please PM and I'll take it into consideration.

Annihilation - Okay so people usually only mention to use this the first time you spawn for a next skill powered hit. But the casting time of Annihilation is so short you can manage to cast it again to use for another skill. It can be used after Hammer Crush Stun, and a Stumblebum. However with Stumblebum it won't be enough to use the next skill that you plan to use with Annihilation. Regardless if you're just running to dodge an attack and fit it in, for whatever attack it can be useful. Even if it's just an Incoming Bro! Extra damage is extra damage, so make sure to cast it whenever you get the chance even if just to open up a combo. Don't underestimate one hit of Wrath of Earth with this.

Dashing Blow - Okay this skill is really hard to pull off in PvP at least in my option. The fact that you have to charge towards the enemy makes you straight opened for an attack, especially for archers and mages. You may use this skill once they are knocked down to re-launch and combo with Storm Blade but that's about the only time you can pull it off. Don't think you should bother raising using this skill without a knock down as it might prove deadly. Against thieves if you're really good you can but remember they are speedy little demons. Useful but hard to use

Aerial Blow - Not really a good skill for PvP as you launch them in the air you'll probably want to use Storm Blade. But if for some reason they are re-launched and you don't have Storm Blade you can air combo and finish it with this. Also note that this has a nice range as much as a regular hammer and up to 10 enemies so in party PvP this can actually be used.

I'm Gone Bro! - This skill is kinda hard to pull off alone without some sort of combo. This skill requires you to stare the enemy on the face. Well the thing is since it's instant cast it's actually possible not as hard. Just for a split second as you are moving stop in front of the enemy and cast it, by then he'd probably have dash jumped by now and is half way across the screen but this skill will still damage him. Remember in PvP this skill is a hit an run. Alternatively, you can wait for someone to rise from Knock-Down and use it. Even if he hurts you or runs away after as long as you casted it right AFTER he got up it'll hit.

Incoming Bro! - This skill is one of your best friends in PvP. It has a nice long distance that knocks the enemy down and allows you to get closer. Use it to counter attack mages and archers as it's instant they won't be able to attack you if you attacked first. A strategy is to use it right when an enemy lands on the ground, even if he dash jumps again really fast, this skill will still get him. This skill is fast enough and since it's instant then there's no way to avoid it. Just make sure you know how to combo into it. Annihilation + Incoming Bro! is good for a combo opener.

Gamble - If you have it, cast it at the beginning of battle. There isn't much to say about this since it's a trait buff. Increase random attributes, extra things are always welcomed in PvP. In party PvP it may be able to help your friends.

Stumblebum - This skill is mostly used for the stun. It's an AOE move where you it stuns for a real short time, not close to Hammer Crush. But maybe enough to let you cast Annihilation. It hurts people on the air also and stuns them. As for the debuffs, they aren't bad, but they last short. this isn't a skill you want to spam instead get on the offensive.

Wrath of Earth - Our ace in the whole as Gladiators. As mentioned many times before this skill has a real nice AOE and can also hit enemies on the air that are close to you. this move is really strong only second compared to Storm Blade. This move + Annihilation = lots of Damage. This is a good battle opener, as you're just starting the match. This skill isn't exactly a fast skill so you really have to time it right. However, as long as you know the general area of where your enemy is you can always land a hit as the range is out of the screen. People will try to stay close to you to move the opposite side of you but for mages and Archers if you can manage use it it'll reach them, trust me it'll reach. Like Yuko Ogura says, yappari timing, it's always about timing.

Against Knights
Against other Gladiators

Tips and Tricks --- [Glad160]

Job Advancement! --- [Glad170]
Job Advancement towards a Myrmidon(Firebrand) can be made at LV40, yes so soon. So nourish you SP, and check out the skills at the Dev Site. Will update as I know more about it.

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