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CurryToa will become famous soon enough

a match would be nice, but i think the direction you guys are heading is wrong. you should use matches like these to gauge your own skills not to prove you are better or good enough.

i personally don't suggest diving games, spend more time playing actual matches and you can learn/improve more. that's where you increase your experience. diving games are a slower way to improve yourself.

i have played in taiwan expert server with higher ranked players. i wouldn't say they are bad, but some of their actions doesn't seem appropriate when you relate it to their rank.

Hurf durf I'm neutral in this and you know that. I'm pointing out the flaws of the rules as a third party.
yes, but the usage of your words should be reconsidered. yes i know some people are unbelievably lazy (not finding answers themselves), have lower abilities compare to others and believe they are always right. sometimes they can be annoying and cause facepalms and rage. i would like people to find the answers for themselves and run trial and errors before posting.

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