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Originally Posted by Cornflake
I finished my thief with 5 cutdown, 5 acl, 5 double and 1 aerial frenzy. I still barely had enough skill points to get through the Jester attack tree as options became available. Adding useful skills after things like claw mastery and upper screwdriver are done is a good idea, but using up skill points before you need them is not.

Not in my experience. It has a very tiny range and does piddly damage.
Cut down on the other hand can be used after skills (like aerial frenzy and upper screwdriver) before you can activate your next combo-spam skill.
Alright, I've thought about it, and I see your point. This game's skill points is a lot harder to analyze than games like Diablo and maple story, where you just get like 3 points every level and each skill requires one point to level.


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