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Originally Posted by Cornflake
Why get relaunch at all?
Cut down does a lot more damage and aoe re-launches enemies.

Also, the buffs should only be considered after Jester skills are finished. They don't add much and tend to eat precious skill points you need when using your Jester.

I would also argue that 5/5 aerial frenzy is not necessary as a Jester but is quite useful as a thief. 1/5 is really all you need as a Jester since you'll only use it for quick combo points anyway.
There are only so many points you can actually save and use for when you become a jester. This build already accounts for that. I'm sure you know that skill points can only be added once your passed a certain level, this build gives you around 100 points to do w/e you want, once you job advance. Relaunch is a useful skill when your a thief, as mentioned above. Level one wouldn't hurt so much anyway, it only requires 15 skill points instead of 20 like cutdown.