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Default Thief to Jester guide

Becoming a Jester

List of Jester skills:
List of Thief skills:

This guide will discuss the strategies involved in both player vs monsters and PvP, as well as what skills are needed to perform such, and how to get to the level required.

Why play Jester?
Jester's skills are the more flashy than assassin skills, they generally do more damage and to more monsters as well. Plus, you get to summon a dragon! (well not really)

Skill Build and Discussion:

So far, from the guides I've read, the skill builds generally have the end result of:
5/5 Aerial Frenzy
5/5 air combo launch
5/5 Relaunch into air
5/5 double atk
5/5 cut down

Notice that this skill build does not benefit any points into vitality or dexterity buffs. Two skills that when maxed gives your whole party 330 hp and 10 agility. The 330 hp is very useful in PvP, having extra hp for you, and your party will greatly help with survival. The agility actually gives you a higher atk rate and a higher chance of performing critical strikes as well. It also provides a boost in accuracy, defense, and magic defense. Party buffs will likely remain useful in later stages of the game, where as the initial damaging skills will become more and more useless as your character progresses. Some skills such as air combo launch become extremely useless once you become a jester. You will rely on other skills such as the dragon uppercut to launch monsters and players into the air.

I instead propose the following build:
5/5 aerial frenzy
1/5 air combo launch
5/5 double atk
1/5 or 5/5 cut down
5/5 vitality buff
5/5 dexterity buff

Get the buffs last.

Aerial frenzy remains useful in the game. In PvP the most efficient combo is to sneak up behind the opponent, use rolling stinger, followed up by final decision (spin), upper screwdriver (rising dragon uppercut), aerial frenzy (since rising dragon uppercut will launch the opponents up), and finally use cutdown to get back to the ground fast or to atk enemies under you. The Buffs will be useful regardless if what level you are, the dexterity buff doesn't benefit jesters that much but it will benefit archers in your party. The vitality will always be useful. Cutdown is still viable in some situations, so its up to you if u want to max it or not. I suggest only getting 1 point into it and saving the rest of your points for when you become a jester.

This build is jester friendly but not thief friendly. Notice that this build will rely on double attack and aerial frenzy to get you to job advancement level (20). Fear not, the buffs will be useful in parties, which is what you should train with.

Leveling guide (make sure to find a party first! If you can't find one, make one!): Mission maps are the best to level in, as there are always mobs of monsters so we don't have to wait for the spawn.
2-5 vaga bond (big bad wolf)
5-10 vega instance
10-15 tutu instance
15-20 toto instance

Strategy: Partying with warriors is generally the best thing to do, warriors destroy low level instances with their powerful aoe attacks. However their attacks mess us up, as they knock down monsters, our attacks need to be standing or in the air, a contradiction to how warriors want to fight. The smart thing to do is after giving your party the buffs, go deeper than where your party is, that is, fight by yourself. The strategy is to use "ALMOST" a round of double attack, as if you do a full round, the monsters will be stunned and for a second you won't be able to attack them. To counteract this, once your double attack combo almost finishes, use air combo launch followed by aerial frenzy. After aerial frenzy use cut down to launch other monsters into the air for another round of aerial frenzy. Repeat.

Once your lvl 20 get your job advancement in port of wind, luckily the skill build for a jester is more straight forward:

5/5 claw mastery
5/5 rolling stinger
5/5 final decision
5/5 upper screwdriver
1/1 exit

First max claw mastery, final decision, and upper screwdriver. Claw mastery will boost your damage for all your skills so is always useful and should be maxed first. Final decision will be your primary damage dealer till lvl 27 where jester's best skill upper screwdriver will start destroying.

Their are two ways to use these skills: against monsters that die from a duel attack from upper screw driver and final decision, you first use uppscrew driver, followed by final decision. This is because final decision can attack monsters while they are knocked down where as upper screw driver cannot.

Against toughen monsters, use upper screw driver followed by aerial frenzy, final decision and repeat.

Leveling as a Jester:
20-25: captain hookah instance
25-30: alvida instance
30-35: artis instance (watch out, hes tough)
30-40 ahtoo instance

Jester game play videos: includes pvp and a mission map

Thanks to Cornflake for ideas.

I would of put more effort into pictures but the server is down : (

Hope this helps.

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