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Really? The only thing that looks similar is the skill section? and I did that on my own with the help of the information off of the dragonica website. THe only thing I took from you was the LVL increments so people can know what it maxes at. Not that big of difference for the Knowledge/Guide. I can easily take it out and this will still be a valid Guide. You can't really say that since you posted a skill section everyone is copying you. I took the information straight from IAH website only with the addition of the lvl increments that was taken from your guide.

You know what, forget it I'm just going to take it off. It's not really needed. And I don't want to breach your "Copyright". Info that does not TRULY belong to you to begin with. This is information swarming around the internet, I just so happened to grab it from you.

I don't even see how you can even compare our guides, as I gave them my whole PERSONAL experience with Knights in CBT, while you just gave commentary on the skills, which there is nothing wrong with. You shared what you thought of the skills, I shared what I thought of the class as a whole. How I played them and what I thought of them and how to improve them. Also gave insight of what to watch out for when playing a Knight as it is not all sunshine and rainbows. And every knight who has played CBT can agree with me on this. It's enjoyable, but really not early bloomers.

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