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Originally Posted by BliztForever
I sometimes get that on laptop too, and I found out that for me, after the client failure pop-up window appear, I just leave it there for a few minutes, then I will see the game running, switch to game window (everything's fine), I switch back to the launcher, click ok on the failure pop-up, pop-up gone, nothing happened, bam, logging in and started to play ^^

Not sure if it works for you, but that was my experience.
Actually, the same was true for me, I just missed it happening last time when I closed the popup without thinking (it was partially covered at the time). However, now I just get as far as the login window and close the popup, and then after I log in it just shows the ship flying through space instead of switching to the game's main UI. Am I doing something retarded here? D:

Edit: And yes, I reinstalled the client before figuring out that my problem was the same as Blizt's for his laptop, so it's not file corruption or anything. ):

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