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HakiriChan is your worst nightmare!HakiriChan is your worst nightmare!
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Originally Posted by ongzaaaaaa
Listen Babe...I have only 1 Character "Ongzaaaaaa" Since last new year I'd raise him up to lvl 270

and I have a Screenshot that you'd Stole my Boyfriend's Arcstic ...

but the reason that I decide to won't post it because I don't want my boyfriend"OxmenO"

and "Celestyal" you Both will be delete if I post for reply to GM

I never trade with you before

I never know you before

you Scammed my boyfriend's Arcstic

that Arcstic I'd try like 2 months at phantom school dungeon to find one for my boyfriend as a gift

but my boyfriend try to sell it for myshop points (- -*)

you both ...does so much for me (it's painfull)

and I...don't do anything to pay back to you

this is so please for you...doesn't it ?

if you don't say " sorry" for me ...I'm sure I'll post that screenshot

you made me angry.

I don't care anymore if Dragon lvl 314 and Sheep lvl 300 will be delete

my boyfriend (used to be ) is sucks !!! try to sell that stic I gave him

and the last things name is "Ongzaaaaaa" it's 6 "a"

I'm the real one ---> hi5 - Who's in?

PS. sorry everyone if I say anythings and you don't understand

because I'm not good in other language...also enlish

but this is too much for me ...... I have to protect myself from a bad person

to Celestyal....Stop that drama it doesn't make anythings better

why everybody post your name on bb as a scammer ?

you're the one who know why they do........

sorry if I say anythings don't make you happy......but you do it to me first !!!

it's not fair for me if I just read it and don't make anythings correct......
Excuse me.
Who is the one Posting BB sayng ''Celestyal Stole my Blood Set'' ''Celestyal Scammer'' when it's just something to defame me <.< i got all the screens of that anyways refrain from talking on this thread there's a scammer discussion thread.

LOL @ everything. This is getting pretty funny.
I'm sorry, HakiriChan, but I find this quite ingenuous from you. 2,9m and a stupid fused gun (not even 2m worth) traded for a Raspberry Mask and MA Magic Stones. You know, scammers may be everywhere and there will be ALWAYS someone who's scamming someone else. You better keep your eyes open. I'm not sure, if you're just a fool or did you really take it seriously? Frankly, 'Myshop- Sellers' aren't dumb as you may think, you know. I absolutely never met a honest 'Myshop - Seller', selling Myshop items for a little stuff like this. It's nothing compare to 8k Myshop._. *Still laughing at 2,9m and fused gun for 8k Myshop xD*.
I also saw people saying you're a scammer too, there's probably no proof yet. But why would a lot of people, calling you a scammer. That's pretty suspicious. I must apologize, although I don't feel any sorry for you <_>.
God, I wonder if scammers have a face. .-.

I have to apologize for this post too, it maybe didn't help but I couldn't resist, telling everyone what I think and as Mirae already said, Stuff like this belongs to Scammer Discussion Thread.
Maybe u didnt see that there was a fused pet to give after the gift ...

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