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Default The ultimate mage guide! [With movies and pictures]

Chapter 5 : Third Job


5.1 What skills should you keep from earlier jobs?

From Magician :
5/5 Focus
5/5 Slow Heal
( optional ) 5/5 Magic Enhancement

From Acolyte :
PvE only :
5/5 Insant Heal
1/5 Resurrection ( And pre-requisites )

With PvP :
5/5 Flasher
5/5 Witch's curse

5.2 Oracle's Skills

Active Skills :

It has a very long casting time and it doesn't add a lot of magic and normal attack. It really isn't worth maxing.
All : 1/5

It has a nice casting time and duration, but it has an issue. Because of the bug that percentage based buffs only work on base stats, it isn't that good. If this bug ever gets fixed it would be a definite max, but since it isn't now, leave it at 1.
All : 1/5

Chain Lightning
A very useful skill, it stuns 10 monsters around you when maxed. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but it makes your combo's go up very quickly, which is good for if you lost them. In PvP it also stuns your enemy endlessly, unless they dodge, block or get saved by a teammate. In Emporia war it's obviously very good since you can stun 10 enemies at once.
All : 5/5

It's very useful. It removes status effects from yourself and your teammates, by leveling it, it will remove more status effects. It's good to use when your teammates are poisoned or bleeding in PvE. In PvP it's very nice because it can remove freeze and 'frog' from your teammates if an Oracle or Acolyte uses it on them. It's a very nice skill, but keeping it at 1 is enough because removing 1 debuff effect is enough. The range is hard to get right sometimes, but practice makes perfect.
All : 1/5

Hp Restore
It heals a good amount of HP every 5seconds, the downside is it casting time of 2seconds. It also gets criticized for healing based on Magic Attack, but i don't agree. At higher levels 55-75% of your magic attack is a lot. It's hard to use in PvE but in PvP it's very useful in my opinion, if you combine it with slow heal you have an extra shield. It heals a lot, so i would say max it.
All : 5/5

It casts a shield with 5000HP, it's good in PvE, but in PvP it's not that much. Because your HP gets multiplied in PvP 5000HP doesn't seem like much, but it can still save you. Another plus is that it stops you from flinching. If you also max the passive you can get it to shield 7500HP instead of 5000, which i recommend doing. In PvE you mostly use Perfect Shield because of the glitch that you can attack with it, but you can't use skills with Perfect Shield. That's why you should get Barrier, it shields your HP and you can use skills. In PvP your skills are a must, so it's very convenient.
All : 5/5

Perfect Seal
As of now, this skill is bugged. The description tells you that you're invincible and unable to attack, but this is wrong. You can still attack using x, that's why this skill is used all the time. It makes you invincible for 40 seconds, then you wait 10seconds and cast it again. While being able to spam double shot the whole time. Against bosses in PvE this is very good, and if you're in a tough situation in PvP it's convenient too. It's a definite max, but if the bug gets fixed it should be lower in my opinion.
All : 5/5

Mp Transfer
It heals... MP, and healing MP isn't exactly a priority for most people. It's useless, just keep it on 1 as a pre-requisite for Quagmire and Muddy Mud. If you want Quagmire because you don't like to PvP don't put any points into it.
PvE only : 0/5
PvP : 1/5

Quagmire should be a good skill, it's supposed to cause dash block, but sadly it doesn't. This does not mean it's useless though, if you combine this with Muddy Mud, which is a good skill, it's great. Muddy Mud lowers 30% of movement speed and 25% of accuracy when maxed. That's the good part, this skill is mostly for PvP. For PvE you can use it to stall the enemy but it's not necessary. Either keep it at 1 so you can get Muddy Mud later or don't put any points into it if you don't like PvP.
PvE only : 0/5
PvP : 1/5

Arch Sanctuary
The worst skill ever, it heals 250MP per 2seconds, and it costs 30SP per level. It's so bad i couldn't even get a picture of it. It's basically a blue Sanctuary.
All : 0/5

Passive Skills :

Double Shot
It costs only 10SP, and it's a lot better than Diffusion Cannon. Diffusion cannon is like a shotgun, it shoots 3 balls in multiple directions but to hit with all of them you need to be very close. Double shot only shoots 2 balls, but you can do this from a safe distance and they can hit four times. Each ball can hit two monsters, so it's like a small Area of Effect too. Diffusion cannon is very inferior to double shot, so you should really max this.
All : 1/1

Staff Mastery
This skill also has the percentage based on base stats bug, but since it adds 35% magic attack for a relatively low cost, it's still good. Max it.
All : 5/5

Energy Absorbtion
It adds 2500HP to your Barrier, it's good, but 2500 isn't that much. You can choose to max or not to max it.
All : 0/5 or 5/5

Muddy Mud
It's very nice for PvP, it decreases movement by 30% and accuracy by 25%, it's pretty useful to get hits in on the enemy. If you don't PvP it's useless though.
PvE : 0/5
PvP : 5/5

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