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Default The ultimate mage guide! [With movies and pictures]

1.4 : Common Skills
[All of these do NOT cost SP]

Guild skills :

Adrenaline booster
An active skill that costs 30mp and increases atk speed by 10%? I would say spam it to death!

Morale up
Increases your physicial atk power by 5%, no SP. Level your guild up to 2 fast!!!

Iron wall
Increases defence by 10%. It doesn't cost SP, level 3 guild. Get it, as soon as possible!

Couple skills :

With the power of love!
It adds 10% attack speed if you use it close to your 'date'. It's a very good skill, and the mp cost isn't that high. (10% atk speed!) No sp of course, so spam it! ^^

Chapter 3 : Special sets.
Under construction

Chapter 4 : Leveling from 1 to 65

4.1 Leveling from 1 to 20

Level 1 to 7 : The Big Bad Wolf (BBW)
Location : North/ south Windia Plain mission map(MM)
Tactic : Spam x on the monsters before the boss and try to get a combo( This is a general rule for all mission and field maps, i will not mention it again ). When you meet The Big Bad Wolf all you have to do is hit the boss and evade his attacks. He has 3 attacks, running at you, swiping at you, and throwing a little tornado. It's very easy to evade them, whenever it looks like he's going to do something : Dash UP! This way he never hits you.
Side notes : Do all the hero quests until they tell you to do the Big Bad Wolf mission maps. When you've completed the Big Bad Wolf hero quests you should be level 7 and ready to do Vega.
Solo or Party : You can still easily solo this.

Level 7 to 10 : Vega
Location : Windia Flats MM
Tactic : Vega is the same as the Big Bad Wolf( BBW ), the only difference is that there is a small version of BBW at the boss map which makes it more difficult, just be sure to evade all his attacks!
Side notes : When you've completed the Vega MM hero quests, continue to Tutu.
Solo or Party : You can still easily solo this.

Level 10 to 15 : Tutu
Location : West Traitor's ridge MM
Tactic : This boss is a bit more difficult, he has a spinning and ranged attack. Just hit and run, if you see his arm going backwards dash away : it means he's preparing for an attack.
Side notes : You'll do a few hero quests in the field map, if you accept the adventure quests around there you generally kill the same monsters. When you're done, go toto and get ready to grind a little.
Solo or Party : You are able to solo it, but i wouldn't recommend it. With a party it's a lot faster and you're less likely to die.

Level 15 to 20 : Toto :
Location : East Traitor's ridge MM
Tactic : This is one of the most hated mission maps, because you face Toto and (mini)Tutu, they both throw axes and a lot of people get annoyed with it. Toto also has a spin attack which is a lot more deadly, he stands in one spot and spins for ~5 seconds. If you get hit by it, do not try to get up. If you get up every time he'll hit you a lot faster than if you stay on the ground.
Side notes : After Tutu's Hero quests the next ones tell you to kill Toto so it's pretty straight-forward. At level 19 it will take about 4-5 runs of F4(4 stars) Toto to get to level 20. It won't take too long.
Solo or Party : I definitely recommend party-ing. Doing this solo is very difficult, if you get in a spin attack, you lose a lot of your HP / die most of the time.

4.2 Your first job advancement
Now that you have reached level 20... Congratulations, it's time to do your first job advancement! As a Magician you can either become a Battlemage or Acolyte. The following steps tell you how.

Step 1. Finish all hero quests until you get the Captain White Tooth hero quest.
Step 2. Go meet Edeline the Magician job instructor who is at the Top right of Port of Winds.

Step 3. Go to Bearded Whale Coast and kill the monsters until you get enough Battlemage/Acolyte medallions. When you are done complete your quest at Edeline and accept the new quest.
Step 4. Go to Bearded Whale Coast and complete the Captain White tooth Mission map F2. When you are done complete your quest at Edeline and accept the new quest.
Step 5. Go to Bearded Whale Coast and complete the Captain White tooth Mission map F4.
Step 6. Return to Edeline, and you're done. Congratulations you've now reached your second job!

4.3 Leveling from 20 to 40

Level 20 to 25 : Captain White Tooth(WT)
Location : Bearded Whale coast MM
Tactic : As an Acolyte kill the razor crabs with diffusion cannon, since you'll be able to do it relatively fast compared to the other classes. At the boss stand in front of it and use diffusion cannon as a shotgun, Heal yourself if necessary. If you're a battlemage just spam Ball Lightning and x, when you get magic missile and tornado use them when Ball lightning is on cooldown. Try to keep slow heal and mana shield up at all times. His attacks are pretty easy to read, he either shoots a net to keep you in place, a poisoned bullet or a normal bullet. He also heals himself for about 4% every now and then.
Side notes : After you've job advanced, you should be at this hero quest. In the 2x levels I'd try to get into a guild for guild skills, and so you can get the infamous +5 to all stats guild medal.(complete 10 guild quests)
Solo or Party : Definitely party, and if you really don't feel like it you could solo him. It's just a lot slower.

Level 25 to 28~30 : Alvida or Chaos Captain White tooth
Location : Steven trading port MM or Chaos Bearded Whale Coast MM(You need a scroll to get there, see notes).
Tactic : For Alvida as an Acolyte stand infront of her and spam x with diffusion cannon. Heal your party and yourself with instant heal if necessary. As a Battlemage spam Ball Lightning,magic missile and tornado. When you're level 27 use Blizzard. Alvida has one new attack, you see a pink ring on the floor, when you do : dash away. She'll barrage it with missile starfish(lol o.o''). For Chaos Capt. WT it's the same as normal WT. Acolytes have a hard time hitting monsters at chaos maps at lower levels, but BM's can't miss with Ball Lightning and Blizzard so it's easier for them.
Side notes : First do all your hero quests until you're at Alvida, you can also go set-hunting if you get bored. If you want to do Chaos Capt. WT you need to get devil soul stones. You can get these Devil Soul stones (DS) by going to a hidden map(Wrath of Nautilus at this level) and killing the monsters there. Bosses in mission maps drop scrolls that teleport you to hidden maps. When you're there just kill the monsters and they occasionally drop DS.
Solo or Party : You should always prefer a party above solo, but Battlemages are able to solo if you really want to.

Level 30 to 36~38 : Artis or Chaos Alvida
Location : Mirinae sanctuary MM or Chaos Steven Trading port MM
Tactic : For Artis as an Acolyte it's the same as before, stand infront of the boss and spam x. You can place the occasional sanctuary, and heal with instant heal if needed. At this Mission Map you should just kill the boss fast, it's what Acolyte's are made for. For Battlemages you should stand from a little further away and use all the skills at your disposal. The attacks don't matter here since you just stand still and spam your skills. His attacks are all slow and predictable anyway. You kill Chaos Alvida the same way as normal Alvida.
Side notes : Do all your hero quests, and if you're getting annoyed with the grind you can do some adventure quests. The Wanted quests are the easiest to do as the monsters you must kill occur in the mission map.
Solo or Party : Party is now a must, going solo makes you level a lot slower.

Level 38 to 45~49 : Sambaba (SBB)
Location : Valid Raeth Mission map
Tactic : As an Acolyte/Oracle Keep slow heal up, use cure if you or your teammates get poisoned. Attack sambaba with your x attack from close by, draw it to a side and cast sanctuary. Keep it there with your attacks so your party members get a chance to hit it in the back. If your party members need heal they should walk within range of your instant heal. Keep perfect seal up if you're soloing, if you're in a party you should use Barrier. If you're a Battlemage/Warmage you should use slow heal when you can, and unleash hell on SBB, use all your skills in quick succession until Sambaba has died.
Side notes : Do all your hero quests when you can, if you get really bored you can do some adventure quests. Even though i'm telling you to do Sambaba for a long time, it really is the fastest way to level.
Solo or Party : Party is now a must, Acolytes will be wanted for their DPS on the boss.

4.4 Your second job advancement
You've reached level 40, it's taken a while and now you're finally here! It's time for your second job advancement.

Step 1. Complete all the hero quests until the Farrel's Diary quest. Then talk to Pablo in Libra.
Step 2. Go Kill Sambaba F5 for the sealed door key, then return to Pablo.
Step 3. Speak with Pablo for the quest 'Lavalon's Revival'. It's the one where you must kill Lavalon.
Step 4. Go to the North of Valid Raeth, where the entrance to Lavalon is located. Look for a good party who is willing to help you with killing Lavalon and reaching your third job.
Step 5. Enter Lavalon and kill it with your party.
Step 6. Go back to Pablo to complete the quest, and get the last quest before advancing.
Step 7. Go to Smoldering Swamp ( 2Maps to the right of Libra on your world map ) and get a combo of 200. If you're finding this difficult either break your weapon or get a level 1 weapon(So you can combo easier).
Step 8. Return to Pablo and... You've reached Warmage or Oracle!

4.5 Leveling from 40 to 65

Level 45 to 50~55 : Bubo the owl
Location : Forgotten Forest MM
Tactic : You NEED two people to level here effectively. One distracts bubo the owl, and the other kills the monsters. You used to be able to solo this, but since the recent patch Bubo moves around so that is no longer possible. You can swap the rolls of distracting and killing the monsters for boredom.
Side notes : Do all your hero quests when you can, if you get really bored you can do some adventure quests.
Solo or Party : For this to be effective, you need a party of two.

Level 50 to 6x : Chaos Smoldering Swamp Field map
Location : Chaos Smoldering Swamp Field map
Tactic : You need a good party to do this, and a lot of accuracy as an Oracle. You should position your party in the spots represented by bunnies on this screenshot :

Side notes : Without a good party of 4 this doesn't work.
Solo or Party : Party of 4 people

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