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Default The ultimate mage guide! [With movies and pictures]

1.2 : Acolyte's Skills

Active skills :

Wide heal :
It's Ok. You defnitely need it on 1 for the other skills. I would keep it on 1. It's slow and the range is pretty small compared to insta heal. It does heal quite a lot at higher lvls(and same amount at level 1 as instant heal maxed ). For PvP it's good, it heals a lot at level 1 and you can just run away and use it(it has a casting time of 0.6 seconds ). Insta heal is more for emergencies in PvP.
-This skill heals a % of HP, not Matk, it's a bug in the description-
Support : 1/5
PvP : 1/5

Sanctuary :
This skill isn't that good, it stands still in one spot and heals some HP, but it has a really long cool down so it's not that good. For boss battles just planting this somewhere helps enough so you don't have to heal as much, but putting more Sp in it is a waste. In PvP it's not good because it's in one spot, you can use it in GvG though. (and don't forget the massive sp cost;35)
Support : 1/5
PvP : 1/5

Instant heal :
This is the best healing skill, it has a great range and heals 50% of the caster's hp at max(not of Magic attack), it's spammable too because of it's 6second cool down. For PvP this is a must, only use this in emergencies when your HP is really low, use wide heal if you have time to heal.
Support : 5/5
PvP : 5/5

Ressurection :

This skill is great, in PvE if someone dies and you res him he won't lose exp and he stays in the mission map. It's useless to get 5/5, because of too much SP and the mp cost doesn't decrease. The only downside of this skill is that it costs a smacking 60% of mp. Woah!
Support : 1/5
PvP : 0/5 (But most people that PvP also PvE so it's nice to have it at 1/5 )

Diffusion cannon :

The best skill of an Acolyte in my opinion, it makes you shoot 3 fireballs instead of 1!(normal X attack) and for every fireball the damage is 70%+50. The only problem is that because of this skill you can't move, with normal X you can. Even then it's a must. Max this no matter what, as fast as possible! It's your damage dealer, how couldn't you max it in PvP
Support : 5/5
PvP : 5/5

Lightning strike :
If you want to use air combo, you should get this. It replaces meteor fall from your 1st job. It's not a necessity, but i really like it, it does some good damage, but most people don't get it. For PvP it's nice to have so you can launch people.It does some good damage but with the Flasher>Witch's curse>xxxx combo it's not necessary, but i'd keep it on 1 for launch.
Support : 0/5 to 5/5 your choice.
PvP : 1/5 to 5/5

Detection :
This skill is very useful in PvP, you need it to detect invisible characters. It also decreases the magic defence of monsters and those characters. Because of this on a boss in PvE this can add some damage, and since this is only 25sp to max, you might as well max it if you have a tiny bit of sp left.
Support : 1/5 to 5/5 if you have sp left.
PvP : 1/5 to 5/5 if you have sp left.

This is now called : Flasher (appropriate huh xd)
Great skill! at max it has a 72% chance to freeze the enemy for 5seconds! That's enough to get off about 9hits with diffusion cannon.(tripled because it's 3fireballs!) That's a lot of damage, and if you combine it with Witch's curse just before they unfreeze it's overpowerd really! For PvP it's a must max, and for PvE it's... funny.

Good combination for PvP is : Witch's curse(it has to hit)->Flasher->xxx>Witch's curse just before unfreeze->Wait for flasher to have no cooldown->Flasher the frog->xxx->ETC.
You have to be lucky enough to have the skills hit though, since they have a succes rate.
Support : 1/5 For fun.
PvP : 5/5

Witch's curse :
At max lvl it has a 85% chance of working, turning the enemy into a frog for 25seconds. If you can hit this you can almost auto-hit with Flasher, freezing them and being able to kill them. In PvE it's useless, but for PvP you should max it.
Support : 0/5
PvP : 1/5

Cast acceleration :
It costs too much SP to be of any use, and the cool down is longer than the duration.
PvE: 0/5
PvP : 0/5

Passive skills :

Mp recovery increase :
This is a waste of points, it only adds +35 regen. I'd rather use my SP on other skills.

Support : 1/5 - pre-requisite
PvP : 1/5 - pre-requisite

1.3 : Battle mage's skills :

Active skills :

Mana shield :
This is a great defensive skill, and since mages have a very small bit of defence i definitely reccomend maxing this one. It absorbs up to 30% of the damage taken and converts it 5hp:1MP at max level. Great skill. Some people want to keep it at level 1 or 3 since they want the SP for other skills and mp isn't that expensive anyway.
PvE : 1/5 or 3/5 5/5
PvP : 1/5 or 3/5 or 5/5

This is now called : Ball Lightning

This skill has a 4second cool down when maxed, it's damage is good against hordes of mobs because it hits 5monsters. It also damages a lot of times per second and if a monster dies it goes to the next. Because it's the only ( good ) attack skill you have from level 20-27, that's a bit of a slow period. A few downsides are the casting time and how the ball goes slow, but that can also be seen as a plus because then it hits the monsters more often. For PvP this is good too, if you knock someone down and he doesn't roll. Use ball lightning, when he gets up and he'll get hit lots of times. You can also use it for other ways like spamming it and hoping it hits the enemy, so you can use other skills. Just max it!
PvE : 5/5
PvP : 5/5

Tornado :
This skill, isn't that good. It's damage is okay but it really doesn't do much. It makes the enemies fly way up high, but you can't combo them or anything so it's useless. It's instant so it's useful for when all your other skills are cooldowned and a monster is coming at you.
PvE : 2/5 for blizzard
PvP : 2/5 for blizzard

Cloud kill :
This skill is okay, if you have a lot of sp left, you can get this but otherwise it's fairly useless. Not that it's bad, but it's not good in comparison to other skills. The damage isn't that great, and the mobs die from poison before you're done. In PvP, if you miss, you're dead. The animation just takes way too long!
PvE : 0/5
PvP : 0/5 - slow

Magic Missile :
Since the recent patch this skill now has a 8 second cooldown because of that it has improved a lot. It also does a lot of damage because at maxed level it shoots 10 homing missiles, that all do alright damage and can hit individually. Because most battlemages have SP left this would be the skill to max. It can do lots of damage if it hits with all the missiles. This skill isn't as good as Fire emblem and Blizzard in Pve, but it's convenient against bosses. In PvP this shines, 10 homing missiles that can do a lot of damage, if it hits one target he loses a lot of HP.
PvE : 5/5 if you have SP left.
Pvp : 5/5 Great skill!

Blizzard :

This skill is probably the best of a Battle Mage, it's damage is insane and it can freeze! It's a pretty big AoE and it can hit up to 10mobs. It's useful in both PvE and in PvP it's very good because it also freezes. Max it.
PvP : 5/5
PvE : 5/5

Passive skills :

Battle hit :
Nobody likes this skill, for good reason. This skill is VERY slow. It ruins combo's by using a lame melee attack instead of X(if you're too close to a monster). And it's just plain annoying. It's really the choice, get staff mastery and battle hit or not at all. You could also just replace battle hit and staff mastery with the 1st job magic enhancement skill. That's what i would do, battle hit is too much of a hassle in my opinion.
PvE : 0/3 or 1/3 for staff mastery
PvP : 0/3 or 1/3 for staff mastery

Staff Mastery :
Get battle hit and max this or don't get battle hit and this. Your choice.
PvE : 0/5 or 5/5
PvP : 0/5 or 5/5

Energy condensation :
Max this skill, it makes the already very good skill ball lightning even better. It hits every 0.25 seconds with this skill.
PvE : 5/5
PvP : 5/5

Deadly poison :
Cloud kill really isn't a good skill. Don't get this ><
PvE : 0/5
PvP : 0/5

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