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LOL @ everything. This is getting pretty funny.
I'm sorry, HakiriChan, but I find this quite ingenuous from you. 2,9m and a stupid fused gun (not even 2m worth) traded for a Raspberry Mask and MA Magic Stones. You know, scammers may be everywhere and there will be ALWAYS someone who's scamming someone else. You better keep your eyes open. I'm not sure, if you're just a fool or did you really take it seriously? Frankly, 'Myshop- Sellers' aren't dumb as you may think, you know. I absolutely never met a honest 'Myshop - Seller', selling Myshop items for a little stuff like this. It's nothing compare to 8k Myshop._. *Still laughing at 2,9m and fused gun for 8k Myshop xD*.
I also saw people saying you're a scammer too, there's probably no proof yet. But why would a lot of people, calling you a scammer. That's pretty suspicious. I must apologize, although I don't feel any sorry for you <_>.
God, I wonder if scammers have a face. .-.

I have to apologize for this post too, it maybe didn't help but I couldn't resist, telling everyone what I think and as Mirae already said, Stuff like this belongs to