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Originally Posted by Mikeall
You're probably a friend of Celestyal. Idk her nor have I ever traded her, but as long as EVERYONE calls he/she a scammer, he/she in FACT is a scammer.

L0o0l strikes again, tht poor guy- Dunno why ppl would trade her when her name is all over the BB, I mean, I never traded her before and I know I should stay away from her. Once a scammer always a scammer. They choose fun over morals as a human.
First they scam, then they call you a liar, pathetic.

Scammers add scammers.. Everyone you see on Celestyal's buddylist is a warning for you guys. LolWhut.

So u judge someone without proof? o.o

Anyways it's not hard to open multi clients and keep defaming someone~

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