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Default Idiocy...

Today was great!

Notice the sarcasm

Well, really it wasn't bad, just irritated me today, because you know work irritates me all the time. There has to be a reason why, maybe karma heh...

Anyway, so today we had three busboys, normally on Fridays we have three and a half. I say half because the other busboy normally starts talking to the costumers half-way into busytime. Not to say I'm the best, honestly I suck rocks compared to some of the others. Sorta got off topic, but we had three, I don't know why the fourth didn't show up today, he's been doing that lately -shrugs-. That didn't bug me to much, okay a little bothered but whatever. So there was three right? Now there would be one busboy on one side (me!) who would close that side at the end. Two of the busboys would close the other side.

You see? Three busboys, perfecto! But no, I finish around 10ish because the bloody costumers would not leave. And unfortunately I can't ask them to, though I asked my co-worker if I could.

So, the other busboy decided to leave, like wtf?! Seriously? What made you decide that? And no it wasn't a emergency because I'm pretty sure from what I heard he went....and watched a movie, or I'm assuming. He was talking about it earlier to one of the waiters. Okay, I don't mind if you wanted to watch a movie but really? If I had left earlier then the other busboy would have closed by himself. (And I don't say that to gloat, dam pride down boy! -pokes pride into corner of his mind-) And not only that but I had to close twice, because I felt it wouldn't be fair to leave him to close alone. I've been there and I'll admit, I had a temper tantrum....Honestly you try to act like the boss and then don't commit to your work?

(I feel a bit bad because he is a good kid but ugh.... I suppose this isn't a real rant either...more of a quick vent.)