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IGN: NicholasL
Class: Dainn lu_dainn
Level: Total Lv140
Guild: Scorpious
Default S>Lots Of Stuff; Come Look~

Box's - Blue
Wiz - Green
Eir - Red
Knight - Orange
Lime - Yellow
Tia - Purple
Accessories - Black

Kanhel Box (1) 9G
Tia Kanhel Shirt (1) 9G
Kanhels Cold Ring <Ear ring> (1) 10G
Kanhels Cold Scale <Ring> (1) 10G
Yeti Box (1) 7G
Ghost Pumpkin Box (2) 10G
Legendary Tarask Box (3) 17G
Black Forest Box (9) 13G
Knight Giraffe Sword (2) 13G
Knight Giraffe Pant (1) 13G
Knight Giraffe Glove (1) 13G
Eir Giraffe Wand (1) 13G
Eir Giraffe Skirt (1) 13G
Lime Giraffe Shirt (1) 13G
Tia Giraffe Pants (1) 13G
Efreet Box (5) 15G
Furious Flame Earring <Ear ring> (1) 16G 50S
Necromencer Box (1) 12G
Knight Necromencer Shirt (1) 12G
Wizard Necromencer Shirt (1) 12G
Tia Necromencer Glove (1) 12G
Tia Necromencer Shirt (1) 12G
Tia Necromencer Dagger (1) 12G
Rigels Box (2) 20G
Soldin's Spirit Rigel Box (1) 23G
Holy Moon Princess Lirs Box (1) 26G
Legendary Rotem Guardian Box (2) 13G
Rare Box 5 (5) 15G

Sold: 0

Please Contact Either NicholasL Or jadec
Thank You~
-You Are Free To Offer..-