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Default Legendary soldin slayer tittle x2

Funny that i changed my mind to farm this title after i decided not to.

2 people dropped from our title farming. Tommmm quit, and another wiz decided he did not have the time and stopped responding to whispers.

Me (on eir) and a lvl80 Sieg are almost done with rigelH. Starting maybe this weekend or next week we are going to start 1-10L and hopefully finish the rest of the 100 x-10 L's in 2 weeks. We are looking for 2 more to join us. If you are interested, respond here or you can attempt to mail/whisper me in game. We'll take any class, any level (within reason?). If you got this far, then you know it takes up pretty much all your time and I don't need to explain any more. We don't really want to wait for anyone to catch up, so if you don't think you can catch us by next week don't bother asking if we'll wait.


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