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Originally Posted by Teleclast
So on the main forum there's been some discussion about whether 'turbo' is fair for this skilll or not. For those of you who don't know, if you use it to attack with "Z" instead of using the skill button, you will rapdily 'repeat' the button press thus using the skilll at it's fastest speed, which not only will help your finger (it hurts!) but also helps leveling a LOT.

So do you guys think it's fair or not? Realistically it doesn't make us overpowered but it helps out when starting, so yeah. :]
You COMPLETELY misunderstood that topic.
What he was saying in that topic, was that if you use a Gamepad to play the game, and your gamepad has a "turbo" button, it can spam Z multiple times, and allow you to fire WAY faster than you can by holding Z.
Something like 20+ arrows per second.

Holding Z was how it was intended, using turbo like that is what's unfair.