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Default The ultimate mage guide! [With movies and pictures]

undergoing updatez!
This is where it's originally posted :

The Ultimate Magician Guide


The Magician is a very versatile class. Starting off, you will call forth meteors to fall from the sky and control the basics of the healing arts. Upon advancement, the magician branches into two jobs: The Acolyte or The Battlemage.

The Acolyte is the support class. With various heals and buffs, they are able to assist their party, and resurrect them in the time of need. Saving lives is what Acolytes are built to do, but they also have another function. In Dragonica, the healer also does damage. The Acolyte advances to an Oracle at level 40, and becomes even stronger with the addition of Chain lightning, Double Shot, and even more ways to heal. As always they are a wanted class in most groups and guilds, not just for their healing power but also for their damage!

The Battlemage is also a damage dealing class, with a much more diverse skill pool and wider sense of flexibility. They use a spear and are known for their area of effect spells, which they have quite a lot of. The Battlemage advances into a Warmage at level 40 and is arguably the strongest class in the game. With the ability to summon a fiery hot pepper, an icy cold penguin and even a huge meteor from the sky, they destroy almost every monster that tries to stop them.

Scroll to the bottom for a low quality .txt text only version. ( quick reference for skills. Chapter 2/3 not included )

1.0 Put all text in - May 10th 2009.
1.1 Added the movies - May 12th 2009.
1.2 Added text for skills - May 13th 2009.
1.3 Added all the pictures for magician skills, aco tree. Also made lay-out better. -May 14th 2009.
1.4 Added the acolyte / battle mage skill descriptions - May 15th 2009.
1.5 Added acolyte / battlemage pictures. May 16th 2009.
2.0 Added sets, skills are finished---Reacting to feedback! -may 18th
2.1 Added common skills - may 22nd.
2.2 Updated some skill descriptions. - may 23rd
3.0 Rewrote most skill descriptions, added Introduction, also getting ready to input the warmage and oracle sections. - September 29th
3.1 Added chapter 4 : Leveling from 1-65 - september 30th 2009
3.2 Added Oracle october 2nd 2009
To do

Chapter 1 : Skills
1.1 Magician's Skills.
1.2 Acolyte's skills
1.3 Battlemage's skills
1.4 Common skills

Chapter 2 : Using skills / Combo-ing
2.1 - X-X-X.
2.2 - Meteor fall and down+x.
2.3 - Meteor fall and air combo.
2.4 - Point buster and air combo.
2.5 - Point buster, meteor fall and air combo.
2.6 - Combination of the above.

2.7 - X-X diffusion cannon.
2.8 - Lightning strike
2.9 - Combination of everything.
Battle Mage
2.10 - Skills / Combo-ing with a battle mage

Chapter 3 : Special sets.

under construction

Chapter 4 : Leveling from 1 to 65
4.1 Leveling from 1 to 20
4.2 Your first job advancement
4.3 Leveling from 20 to 40
4.4 Your second job advancement
4.5 Leveling from 40 to 65

Chapter 5 :Third job
5.1 What skills should you keep from earlier jobs?
5.2 Oracle's skills.
5.3 Warmage's skills. ( under construction )

Chapter 1: Skills

1.1 : Magician's Skills

Active skills :

Point buster :
Point buster, in the first ~5 levels it's a bit useful. After that it only goes down, the damage output is horrible and the cast time is pretty long. You have to use this skill and than air combo for it to do any damage, and hitting air combo can be quite a challenge if you lag a bit. I find it quite useless at 10+ and i would rather use Meteor fall + Air combo than this.
Keep it at level 1.
All : 1/5

Meteor fall :
Meteor fall is a great 1st job skill, it hits up to 5 monsters(it is not 10!) and has a pretty high damage output. It's cooldown is almost none if you use it right. It needs maxing, get it to level 5 as soon as possible. After skill reset if you're going for Acolyte you could keep this maxed, for the Meteor fall > Air combo combination but it's not necessary, just spamming x is fine as an acolyte. Battle mage doesn't need it so reset it to 0 with the skill reset.
Magician : 5/5
Acolyte : 5/5 or 0/5
Battle mage : 0/5

Fortress :
This is controversial skill. Some people say it's good while other say it is not. I say it isn't, for several different reasons :
For the skill to get good you need to max both of the passive skills, +atk and +speed. This is really a waste of SP, because that's 15 levels! not 5 for a good skill like MF but 15! So i really think it's a bad skill, and don't wish to spend 15 levels of SP for one skill. It can only hit 5mobs, and the AoE range is pretty small. I reccomend not adding this at all.
All : 0/5

Slow heal :
Slow heal, is quite a good skill at all levels. It heals you and your teammates for 5% of the caster's HP for 30seconds. that's 50% of the caster's hp. This is also the only skill that heals other people in the 1st job( at level 4 ). Because it doesn't cost 4-10% of MP like self-heal, this skill is a lot nicer for your mp. It's also very good because if you keep it up constantly it's like a shield. In PvP your hp is boosted so your slow heal is boosted too, so for PvP it's a must anyway. As an Acolyte you have other heals, but this one is a heal over time unlike your other heals, so i say you keep it maxed. For battlemage you should definitely max this. Self heal might seem like a better choice at first, but it really isn't. It uses a lot more MP than slow heal, and it's not that much better because it's based on your Magic attack, and not your Hp. Keep slow heal maxed for battlemages too.
Magician : 5/5
Acolyte : 5/5
Battlemage : 5/5

Self heal :

As a magician this skill is okay, slow heal is better but it's not bad. I would delay leveling this skill until you've maxed the rest of the necessary skills in the 1st job. For acolyte's it's useless since they have heals that are a lot better, for battlemage you can either keep it at level 1 or not level it at all. Level 1 is if you want it for emergencies, but you can also eat an apple if it comes to that.
Magician : 1/5 to 5/5 if you have SP left.
Acolyte : 0/5
Battlemage : 0/5 or 1/5 for emergencies

Re-Launch is horrible. The range is horrible, and it's just not worth the SP. You can just as easily do Point buster level 1 or Meteor fall instead of this. Don't add points to it.
All : 0/5

Focus :
GREAT SKILL! It adds +20int and +24% magic attack. +24% that's a lot, if you have 1000matk it's now 1240! This skill is a must max for everybody. There's nothing else to say.
EDIT : every % based buff only adds the percentage off of your base stat. Because of this they're way less good than they seemed, this skill still needs maxing, because even if it's only based on your base stats it's still good. I hope that the problem is a bug, but i'm not sure.
All : 5/5

P.S don't like the cat head? here's a guide on how to remove it! : Click here

Passive skills :

Air combo :
Air combo, or AC, can be quite a nice skill if used well. When you're a magician you definitely need to get this, it does great damage and is very good for combo-ing. Combine this with meteor fall and you can get quite a bit of damage output in 2attacks! I would say definitely max this skill, since it's only 3levels it's not that much points anyway. After skill reset if you're going for Acolyte, you could keep this if you want to use it with lightning strike or meteor fall, but it's not a necessity.
For battlemages it's useless because they won't ever use it.
Magician : 3/3
Acolyte : 0/3 or 3/3 in combination with meteor fall or lightning strike

Battle mage : 0/3

Mp potion maximization :
You can max it the 1st job if you want, but it's not necessary. Mp potions are so cheap you shouldn't need it. Keep it at level 1 as a pre-requisite to Focus.
All : 1/5

Magic enhancement :
It's a great skill, for one reason : +100matk and it costs 10SP each level. At 1st job this is a must get because you don't have a lot of magic attack. At higher levels it's cheap so i personally get it, if you really want to save your SP for something else this is a skill you can skip.
Magician : 5/5
Acolyte / Battle mage : 5/5

Cannon upgrade ( Fortress ) :

It's a horrible skill, at maxed it only gives a bit extra magic attack, and it's way too much sp for one not very good skill : Fortress. Refer to the skill ' Fortress ' above this one for more information.
All : 0/5

Bullet acceleration ( Fortress ) :
Basicly the same comments as cannon upgrade, the skill Fortress isn't really that good. So wasting SP on it really isn't that good of an idea. Refer to the skill ' Fortress ' above this for more information.
All : 0/5

1.2 : Acolyte's Skills
Post undearneath this one. [Click this for it]

1.3 : Battle Mage's Skills
Post undearneath this one. [Click this for it]

1.4 : Common Skills
Two posts down [Click this for it]

Chapter 2 : Combo-ing guide.


2.1 : X-X-X
The most easy way of comboing, that still works quite well is X. In reality it's just spamming, you stand in front of a monster and press x. You should jump and dash around to evade damage. But you must keep the combo meter up, so be back in time to hit a monster!

2.2 : Meteor fall and air combo.
Meteor fall and air combo is really useful. This is one of the combos i use the most, because it can hit up to 5mobs 4times. That means you have an instant 20 combo! If you want to use this, you should look for an area with quite a few mobs, so you can hit as many as possible. Also, the timing for it can be quite hard. If you're combo is about to expire, you have to go Jump>Meteor fall> air combo really fast, because if you're at the top of your jump it doesn't hit. Some monsters go up higher, so you can be higher. But in general you have to either jump>meteor>air combo really fast, or wait till you're closer to the ground. Watch my video to see how to do it!

2.3 : Meteor fall and down+x
Meteor fall and down+x is not very useful in itself, but in later chapters i will explain more about it. You just spam meteor and then when the monsters are on the ground, you walk close to them and press down+x one to three times. I usually press it twice, so i can keep my combo meter up and running good.

2.4 : Point buster and air combo.
I myself, find point buster quite useless. The damage is very bad compared to meteor, and hitting the monsters in the air can be very challenging. Especially if you have high latency to the servers because you dont live in SEA or ANZ. The way you do it is, wait for a monster not to attack you and press point buster. The mobs then fly up and you have to jump and press X at the right moment to hit them.

2.5 : Point buster, meteor fall and air combo.
This can be very well, because the monsters are constantly immobilized and your combo goes up very fast. The way to do it is first, use meteor fall to immobilize the monsters giving you time to use point buster. Once you've used PB you can spam air combo, or do another meteor fall. Rinse and repeat.

2.6 : Combination of the above.

This is the best way of comboing, use all the different ways of comboing for the maximum combo. I myself like using meteor fall>air combo>down+x and then spam x. But it's up to you. Look at the video to see a combination of all the magician skills.


2.7 : X-X Diffusion cannon
Diffusion cannon is a skill you will LOVE!
It increases the range of X by a lot, it almost makes it an AoE.
I use this very differently than normal X, because instead of standing right infront of the monster(risking ranged hits). I stand a bit under it, because it goes 3 different ways you can stand under almost any monster and hit it. If you want to deal great damage to a boss, stand in a corner with him infront of you and spam X. It works, trust me!

2.8 : Lightning shield.
Lightning shield is a very usefull skill. It needs getting used to but the damage is insane and well worth the while. You really need to learn the range of it though.
Lightning shield is useless alone, you must use it with other skills such as meteor fall and air combo, it has a pretty long cooldown.
Most of the time i do this, i use LS then meteor fall and air combo, if my LS has any cooldown left i spam X.

2.9 : Combination of everything.
In this video i show you how I play, it's a combination of everything, which is how I combo. The only difference with me and this is i don't use Point buster.
I usually use lightning shield, meteor fall air combo and then if the monster is low i press down+x. If there's monsters like certain crabs that can not be launched I spam X and lightning shield.

Battle Mage

2.10 - Combo-ing with a battle mage
Combo-ing with a battlemage, isn't really what you do. It's more like you spam skills, especially Fire emblem and Blizzard.
You just spam Fire emblem, and use Blizzard when you can.

Chapter 3 : Sets
Under construction

Chapter 4 : Leveling guide
Two posts down [Click this for it]

Credits :
ALTESSA with comments and help, <3
Kenzai for BattleMage help
People who helped with feedback(nuglar+sam)
Valcorn for epic banner!!!
Deshealer for oracle section
Lawliett for Warmage section(it's not all done)
xArii for some random stuff
and the rest

Copyright Klarity 2009 :

I have given the following sites permission to use this guide : (the forum )
Prodigy guild forum.(Eu gpotato guild) ( fansite ) ( fansite ) ( polish fansite ) ( no idea, fansite i guess )

If you want to use this guide PM me or e-mail me at :

If you see anyone using this guide without their site in the copyright please tell me!
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