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Originally Posted by iGrabbedU
It really ticks me off when i get in to a spirited debate with someone and they say,"yo mama_____." I think it is very immature and old. If you lose an argument don't say yo mama, keep trying to defend yourself or back down, don't go that low. Other thing people say and do:

That's what she said.
*gives you a stupid look and say err...*
run away and say loser!
say your a homo and say,"hey this guy is a homo," to the guy next to you
i bet i could beat you up
what you wanna fight?
what i didn't hear you?!

Don't be like them.

Perhaps it's because I created a hilarious argument and random "Yo Mama" interjection in my head but I found it hysterical. Anyways, far as senseless thought timers, they are useless.

It's about as useless as people who instinctively use "Like, dude, man, **** or what have you" as time to think of the rest of the sentence.

"Dude, I was like, trying to go like, dude, man, it was nuts..." (Unfinished story that someone told me once.)

"There once was a boy who dreamed of being a hero. Who believed sincerely in the battle to banish darkness from a world of light... but light and darkness are equal... and where one exists so too must the other... and when the boy finally realized this he had taken the first step toward being a true hero."