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Smile guide for archer and class change xD

Hey all, i dun suppose u noe me but im a lvl 30 ranger now, i dunno why but archer has been the best class for me so far, ive played a couple of games all starting of with archer xD

so starting this guide proper.


u'll start off with the tutorial thingy or u can skip that, thats wat i did :P

after the tutorial u'll arrive at that little starting town (hero's path or something cant remember xD )

get the quest from everyone, especially the red exclamation mark ones, these are important in helping u move through dragonica!!!

next u'll be asked in some quest to kill monsters, so lets move all the way right and enter the next map! ( press z to enter a new map )

when your in, move right and u should see a wooden doll thingy, thats a lvl 1 monster, nows your chance to test out some basic moves.

start by pressing the x button on the keyboard, this is your basic attack, u should see a red ' arrow ' coming out, weird huh, but i like it though xD. after this, u should notice by now that in your shortcut A button theres a skill, try using it and it should send your target flying into the air. so now you know the basics lets move on to the different skills available,



lvl 1
Rising Arrow ( important skill )
moonwalk ( not advisable, practically useless if u maxed out the rapid speed skill )
lvl 2
(since your getting around 20 sp per lvl, i'd advice u to get anti air to the max)
anti air
bow mastery
moonwalk shot ( again, not advisable )
lvl 3
double strike ( up once is enough, not really effective against bosses )
multi shot ( max this, awesome at lvl 5, not bad at lvl 1, great against bosses for now )
relauch ( great skill if u like spamming anti air )
rapid speed ( like i said earlier, maxing this would give u additional speed and u can ignore moonwalk )

my own skills at lvl 19

rising arrow ( lvl 5 )
anti air ( lvl 5 )
bow mastery ( lvl 1 )
multi shot (lvl 5)
rapid speed ( lvl 5)

the rest at lvl 1 :P

[B][U]changing classes ( woot!!! )

basic info
Longbow-wielding Hunters are "children-of-nature" in tune with its many creatures and powers. They specialize in summoning attacks and control tactics which slow down and trap opponents. Hunters are resourceful ranged warriors proficient in using disruptive skills and crowd control tactics to trap enemies before going in for the kill. ( taken from dragonica website. thnks alot dragonica !! )


lvl 20
bleed ( lol a book that attacks xD )
birdwatching ( are u watching a bird or are u one ? xD )
advance bow mastery
lvl 21
arrow shower
lvl 22
acid arrow ( poison arrow would be easier for maplers to understand xD )
lvl 23
lvl 24
lvl 25
sharpshooting ( great skill to peirce enemies)
rocket launcher
lvl 26
lvl 27
wolf rush ( havent got to see this yet, someone pls show me )

P.S im a ranger so i dunno much bout hunters, but if u want u can ask me for help with farrel xD

basic info :

Part of an elite Special Ops force, speedy and disciplined Rangers easily top the chart for highest attack-rate in Dragonica. Having survived the harsh training required for entry into the force, they have become masters of military tactics and elevate the common crossbow into a weapon of mass destruction. ( again from dragonica, thnks alot !!! )

lvl 20
crux shot ( makes your hand shiny and increases your next attacks power )
homing missile ( awesome combo with anti air, use anti air then use this to launch the enemy higher to continue anti air )
aerial flurry ( fires another arrow with increasing lvl, not advisable to max out )
lvl 21
random shot ( fires 2 arrows per shot, when pressing x once, 2 arrows will fire out )
accelarator tuning ( increases atk power for homing missiles xD )
lvl 22
RPG-7 ( great skill for killing those green crabs xD )
lvl 23
H.E grenade ( combos with RPG, knock down opponents with RPG then use this )
gatling rush ( most important skill, best skill against bosses, together with multishot )
lvl 24
auto shot system A.K.A battle tank ( its your best friend in battle !!! xD )
lvl 25
composite ( increases H.E atk power !!! )

thats all for skills :P

as a ranger, your main job in MM ( mission maps )
is to fire away at incoming monsters eg. in alvida or hookah spam RPG and H.E together with gatling to successfully kill of large groups of monsters, also when u hit the boss lvl, spam gatling and auto shot, this way, bosses die faster and the S rank can be easily acheived xD

PM me in game ( Jaycee )