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Originally Posted by Gir
You don't need about 1k MA to OHKO Ice Bears if you learn Whirlwind just keep the SoH active and Windblade if a Ice Bear pass the Whirlwind and is near to you. You can Kill it also with a single Radiant Strike [master lvl] or with a Radiant+Windblade combo >D
The bears go beserk if you don't ohko. Sorry I'm not sure exactly how much ma is needed to ohko with whirlwind/radiant, can you clarify Gir? I have about 1k (with booster) which is enough to kill with both skills but I haven't tried to work out the minimum for one hit killing. 1100 is apparently minimum for ohko with windblade.

I certainly wouldn't advise going there before you can one hit kill, even with SOH once they go beserk = dead sheepeh.