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Okie, I have added Part B of Chapter 1. They added a few things to the emotion system which I couldn't fix in the video, so I have added them to a seperate post. I have another chapter with the images collated, so I should have it posted it up before long. Thanks for reading!

Edit: Chapter 5 is now up

Originally Posted by Mengjun
Chapter 4 Step 4: I think I've found a faster way to get through there, which I think is easier as well;

At each gap, jump on the first platform normally, but align yourself to the left. When the platform holds still for a sec after moving to the right, you can just dash jump to the other side. This works for *all three gaps*.

Oh, and great job on the guide =D
Yea, that is another good way of doing it.... for people who can pull it off successfully, then it definately an easier and quicker way of doing it, however I find there is a greater fail rate than the method I listed. But I may add it into the guide. Thanks for the feedback
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