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It increases the speed that AntiAir Shot shoots at, it's not really necessary and will probably annoy you in everything else you do :O! (chatting, etc)

I tried a new skill build, it's working FLAWLESSLY, but again because I'm a Hunter so I have some more skills that make it worthwhile, basically I re-skilled to the following (lvl 25):

Rising Arrow 4
Anti-air Shot 5
Shootdown 1
Multishot 5
Bow Mastery 5

Advanced Bow Mastery 2
Bleed 1
Acid Arrow 1
Arrow Shower 2
Bird Watching 2
Hallucination 1
Mesmerize 1

It's a great skillbuild, I don't use Shootdown at all, and relaunch was useless for me so I canned it.

Basically I Arrow Shower a mob, Multishot to kill the first few and Rising Arrow->AAS the rest. If there are razor crabs I Acid Arrow & Bleed them. Although that's obviously after your a Hunter and past the scope of this tutorial.

Even with Arrow Shower however, this skill build works okay for a lvl 20 build.