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Originally Posted by LiLMewmew
err.. always want to ask this question:

1) What's the damage difference between Hit, Smash, Critical, and Crash?
2) Let's see if I get this right. Hit is from the front. Smash is from the side? Ehhh.
3) I don't understand Crash. I see that often, but I don't know what it means. ._.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Oh yes, forget about Guard. :X
Hit: A hit, weaker than Smash
Smash: A hit, stronger than Hit
They seem to occur at random but there might be something deeper than that.

Critical: A hit/smash with 2x multiplier, so the damage still fluctuates

Guard: When hitting a shield. I recall it being half damage, but it seems to be less a lot of the times.

Crash: The shield has a certain amount of life and after it's used up, it'll break and you see a Crash sign.

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