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Originally Posted by XooSliceooX
`-` I'm bumping this threda, okay. Since the other event thread passed the date already.

Just some random idea.
So, I'd like to find out, how hard Hellbreaker is, on a scale of 1 to 10. LOLOLOL.

I found Hellbreaker to be quite interesting

- It has 1/3 of Diablo's attack. (Diablo has 9838, HB has 3686) Oh lord, the attack of HB is less than the turrets. Turrets have 4k+ ^_~
- It doesn't regen hp. (No more "OMG, HE'S REGENING, MORE DPS PLS" situations)
- Has 60 defence less than than Diablo
- Once you enter the map, rotating blades are there, means HB cannot be ksed. It can be ksed now, if the people who go pass the blades have PF. `-`
- Not that hard to get to, with requirements being Golden Bat drops (Keys)
- It drops wonderful EQs, or so I've heard. *-*

- It has 56 AR/DR, compared to Diablo's AR. I'm not sure how much damage difference this could give.
- It can't be tanked by Byron or Fig, as it is a flying monster.
- It has a whopping 10m HP. Yay long raid. ._.;;
- If someone else is camping HB, we have to leave, rotating blades.
- The respawn time is a ****ing 12 hours, starting from when HB is summoned.

I'm not sure if a squad of 4 can take HB. I'm very sure we cannot, although with Musks, Eles etc we /might/ be able to. The entry in the wiki says it attacks very slowly, and can be potted away fast enough, so..I'm really not sure. DPS isn't really a problem too, since it doesn't regen???

I don't intend to make this something confirmed too, just a thought. When Sheep gets vet with her 2 musks, then it'd be something thinkable of. :T Plus, we're usually wandering about when our Diablo hasn't respawned, so this could be some wacky plan we could do. It's a little tedious to get the Capybara food for the buff to fight Golden Bat too, I just thought of this as I had 400 of those, and could tank Golden Bat with the buff in hope of some keys.
Hello. Re-suggestion. Just that a few more things I've seen...
-You need many, many keys. I just wasted like 8 to check the spawn time today, and to have a look around the place.

-I doubt HB is hard, but the area around him is ****ing hard. Those turrets? They hit my 52DR Viki for 3k crits. Omfg. And the main generator has 250k health, and it respawns every 7 minutes. Woohoo. ._.

-If we're planning to do this, MSP. QQ MSP ;o; MSP ;w; olawl

-So, for HB, we'd need 20 keys in total, 8 to check spawn time, and 12 to really enter.

-I was thinking we could do this as a new vet event.

-I'm sure Mori and I will fight over the MSP. Ahahaha `-` I was thinking we FC for the drops, so yeah. :T

That is all. kekekeke

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