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I disagree highly.

While getting Rising Strike and then AntiAir Shot is vital for starting off, you shouldn't get Shootdown until later, you should get Bow Mastery, and then focus on leveling those three, get Shootdown when you have spare points and then get Relaunch, only put 1 point in each (shootdown is pretty useless).

Once you get a chance past that get Double Strike, max it, get Multishot, max it.

Your main mission will be using Rising Strike->"Z arrow"(Anti Air shot)->Relaunch->"Z Arrow"

Bosses will be Rising Strike (Better damage than normal hits)->Multishot->DoubleStrike->Repeat

If you want you can get higher levels in the sucky skills like shootdown to start and then reset at lvl 19, but it's faster to lvl to 19 the way I pointed out.

You may consider Double Strike weak (which it is), but when you're at a boss anything to add some damage is useful, and until you're farther down and have more skills, you want to use this to your advantage. Alternatively you could get moonwalk hit but that's even worse.