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Default The Newbies Guide to Dragonica

The Newbies Guide to Dragonica

By Carinian Super-Moderator (Official Forums) Sam

I want to bring to the attention of everyone the mini-project I have been working on since the Pre-CBT and now plan on adding to a bit more now. I named it. It is going to be a brief guide focusing on things that I believe all new players should have a grasp of to make their first days within the game as easy as possible. No, I will not be focusing on the normal questions such as "How do I get an account" etc, instead I will focus on game functions such as the cash shop etc.

Depending on the topic, it will either be in Youtube Video form or written form.

Here is the current additions to the guide:

Chapter 1
__Part A: Emotes - Actions
__Part B: Emotes - Speech
Chapter 2: The First Town
Chapter 3: Cash Shop and Player Market
Chapter 4: Second Class and Farrel

Chapter 5: Devil's Soulstones and The World of Darkness
Chapter 6: Emporia War (Coming Soon - During the OBT, Gathering more data)

Appendix 1: Post-CBT Questions

All the links will link to my blog which will include images and all that. So enjoy reading and if you have anything you think should be added to the guide, please comment here
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