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Oh, well all the ladies are out of luck the moment same sex is allowed. We all know Lulu has to marry his male nurse if that's an option.

I am soooo teleporting Kiki to the top of Bifrost if that happens.

If that's lesbian or gay...? That's for you to decide. >-> Yaaaay for reverse traps.

And yus, Lagnuri loves bladers. Least the first stage does. XD I think people who saw Lulu running it with the double step where silently cursing me. One of my RL friends who saw me using it told me I outright I sucked for it. In a friendly way of course.

I still want to punch the mushies in the face. Or stomp them flat.

PS: So bunny has realized the flaw in the logic of 'marry tarp for reverse tarpness?' Or does Susu have to reset to fire?