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Originally Posted by badna0
*P. School Dungeon -- 90+| 220-
(several maps)
This place is superb. Provided you can survive the mobs, it rewards you with superb item and money drops. The equips here have the potential to be some of the best in the game - you can sell the good ones for millions, and npc the rest for an easy 50k. Lots of people can train here too, from a large range of levels. I'd train here as soon as I can OHKO/2HKO the mobs. A party is handy in case a griefer tries to kill you, since it is a PvP zone. If you're a fox like me, I highly recommend 2-4 as an orgy of Fan of Knives goodness; I can train in 2-4 solo faster than I can at Tap 1 with a booster (!)
Once you out level the mobs in 2-4 I moved to 3-1. It has Picture Ghosts and Haunted Prisoners. The Ghosts are physical weak and the Prisoners are gun weak. The only problem is that Prisoners banish, but they do give a warning message so if you can OHKO it's a great place to level for foxes. Not sure about other classes.

With 117 HV and 126 LK I rarely get hit so I only stock MP pots and can stay there a lot longer since both monsters drop Elixer Extracts and Jewelry potions. Generally I only leave to unload Phantom equips or when I'm not paying attention and get banished.

Also, I'd like to say how much I appreciate this guide. I stopped playing for quite some time and was fairly lost about what to do when I came back and this was a ton of help.

Edit: If you can't OHKO the Prisoners in 3-1 there's 3-2 which has Picture Ghosts and Haunted Straws that are both physical weak. The only difference being that Haunted Straws have Mana Arrow and don't banish. I like 3-1 more because I get hit less, but I can see arguments both ways. I'd suggest 3-2 if you can't OHKO Prisoners otherwise it's personal preference.

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