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Default MSN Problems

Had you guys ever had an MSN problem where you see your friend offline while they're actually online? then tried messaging them and suddenly they're on? well that happened to me, that's not the part that worried me tho, I know that's a temporary technical problem.

I however tried to relog to see if it gets fixed, it didn't, however I didn't know my friend wasn't able to see me online anymore, and just kept kinda messaging and kinda ended up in talking another time when the MSN problems are gone. I then relogged again and saw offline messages, which happens to be reply to my messages and had to go at the time ...

ok, maybe it's just me, this kept me worried for a while, but it seems, well, I acted up a little over the no reply problem and I know that's a problem of myself sometimes, it turns out I didn't really have to worry, but it kept me worried this whole time until my friend got back to realize everything was ok, after a bit of talk I told her to forget what happened and she also tells me she had other problems, which seem to had been bothering her too

This is all just a bad time and got both of us I guess, bah oh well, x.x I shouldn't be writing this actually, I'll just forget what happened too and move on

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