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Default How To: Use Your Gamepad in Dragonica With Xpadder

New to Xpadder?

Xpadder simulates the keyboard and mouse using your gamepad

What does Xpadder let you do?
- Play PC games with poor or no gamepad support
- Add gamepad support to emulated, internet and DOS games
- Play multiplayer games with each player using their own gamepad
- Control video/music players using their shortcut keys
- Use a gamepad with a web browser or any windows application


Step 1: Download Xpadder (freeware)

Step 2: Extract Xpadder

Step 3: Follow the steps starting with Step 3 linked here. Note that some of their links provided may not work, such as where to find your controller images. You can find your controller images by googling around, or could try here.

Step 4: Once you're set, you probably want to test run it on Dragonica. The image below is how I set up my gamepad (PS2 Controller with USB adapter) to Dragonica keyboard default (current to CB):

My Button Format:

Left Joystick = Arrow Keys
Right Joystick = Q, W, E, R (Assigned Skill Buttons)
D- Pad = 1 - 4 (Pots/Food)
Select = N (Mini-Map)
Start =Y (Buddy List)
X Button = C (Jump)
Square Button = X (Light Attack)
Triangle Button = Z (Heavy Atttack)
Circle Button = Space (Action)
L1 - L2, R1 - R2 Buttons = A, S, D, F (Assigned Skill Buttons)
L3 Button = F1 (Accept Quests)
R3 Button = Esc (Cancel Stuff)

Originally, I had my right joystick set with mouse-like functions, but because of the recent adds to the game's gameplay, I swap it out for more skill usage.

You also want to configure how sensitive your joystick should be. Under the joystick image is a little wrench you can click on. Click it > Settings. There you'll see two slide bars on the top, DeadZone and Diagonal Size. I believe DeadZone determines the tilting senstivity of your joystick; how far you move the joystick till it reaches max. And Diagonal Size determines how sensitive it is to diagonal inputs (e.g. moving diagonal). For me, I had Stick 1 (Left Joystick) at 75% DeadZone and 50% Diagonal Size. For Stick 2 (Right Joystick), I had a 99% DeadZone and 1% Diagonal Size. You can tweak it yourself for your comfort.

So...If you want to play Dragonica on a gamepad, this is one way to do it. Even though I used my mouse occasionally, using a gamepad felt like playing a console or arcade game. But if you prefer to stick with the keyboard, then by all means go right ahead. This is just something to mess around with if you feel like it .

Have Fun Dragonicans! :3


Alternative Guide:

[edit] changed my button configurations XD

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