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MochiMeep will become famous soon enough
IGN: Ayame now give me cake!
Class: Ranger lt_gunslinger
Level: a number divided by zero XD
Guild: FrenchBread

LaTale IGN(s): MintMochi
Real Name: Sarah
Nicknames: owner of pie ( >XD )
Birthday: not telling >:x (you should already know)
Messenger: same as Birthday XD
Hobbies: Playing instraments ( electric Bass jazz & p, Double bass , acoustic guitar, electric guitar solid body *cost to much for a hollow body guitar some one buy me one ;3;* ) Being mean to every one in guild ^3^, study study study |3, Drawing (i havent done this in so long now even thou i was an art major befor |3 ) and did i mention study :3
Timezone/Place:I don't know |3
Favourites: noodles ;3;
Dreams/ Future Goals: surviving studying ;3;
Bio/ Other things about you: how can i make you all jelouse |3? give me ideas XD oh about me ;3;? fine im umm XD a rice dissert with a mint filling in the center :3

Im bored again |3....

私はケーキです! ^ワ^~♪