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Originally Posted by Seim
its true that many A ranks/B ranks and even S ranks are crap when compared to other suits of lower class...

A rank fail suits
Zeta, ZZ, The-O, Duel, Aegis, Buster, Perfect Gundam, Big Zam, Full Armor Gundam, Scissor Astray (the new funnel one), Strike(dagger), Aile Strike, GP-03 Stamen, Hamma hamma

Potentially good suits: Shining gundam, G-3 Gundam

It would take me too long to list the B rank fail suits so... =/ Anyways.... this list is just from my 210kexp of playing gundam TW... many people would probably disagree but from what I can see from experience, those are the feeders and pointgivers =)
Though there are a few select maps of which some of those suits may be good in, for the most part they are just incredibly useless. Plus, if everyone had the same opinion as me, it wouldnt be fun to see the same suits being used over and over again =)
Quiet a good list there, but in my opinion The-O is good suit. Well the same could be said bout the aegis in a way. It really depends on how u play them, but its basically stun then beam, The-O does more dmg than aegis though. Never had an O, but in KR, people are pretty good with it. There is also the AS O, all melee, no range weapon. Well this is for people thats really good with melee, I mean really good. I did have an AS O, you can make up at least 2 or 3 melee combo with its weapons, but if you can get a good combo in, ur opponents pretty much dead.
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