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Originally Posted by Excalibur

Ah, there is a post by Jeneral earlier in the thread! He explains that Krieg's deadly long range moves, are not deadly at all. They are simply stopped by little baby limes' invinciblity!

but anyways it's way easier if the krieg does AAAA to melee you (or any part of that). it's not as mobile as AS. just spit out some limes and watch him run into it.

if he uses AS, and is good at it, it might be a bit harder. don't avoid AS by going to the side of it, just running backwards is better, since the range isnt that long on it. getting hit with fire crush isnt as bad as another class, since you have that big speed buff. if you see red fire comet, just run backwards (unless you got cornered). usually when people run to the side, they get smacked anyways. if youre close enough (and to the side of krieg) though, just run past him.

not sure about this but, you could infinite him to death with just aaaa. sieg can sort of do it with aaas dash s. sieg gets countered, but krieg loses 1/10 of his HP

I think it really comes down to whether you can dodge his long range crap and hit him with your melee
You make it seem like Limes have an infinite amount of babies for invincibility frames. You also make it sound like Kriegs are all dumb enough to walk into a-sp or s. Trust me, it doesnt work out that way. also, infinites arent my thing.

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