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Originally Posted by ThiefPrincess
All characters should've been balanced for both stage and pvp...(or except than Tia, only for PvP?)

Arien in my way is good.

Plus, I thought like a Krieg's regular A (unmoveable after hit, such as Lime's Yellow Trans Headbutt spam..), when Arien does dA, a tiny bit of flinch happens. That part gives me time to go combo shift crazy.

Does it matter if the damage is weak in air combo? Damage is still damage. Dish it out with spam of EoS/CT/BoW -> LA or whatever if you can't really do it.
Yes, we all know spam damage is more effective than 1cko damage.

Edit: Well that may be true for Dainn and his OP FoL+FireOrbs (Half hp without even having to touch your opponent!)

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