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Originally Posted by RoflKnife
And we can make it even faster if we just trade wins! OH BOY!

Excately that..together with something that I find completely boring but very quick in earning money....

Anyone heard of Diving? People will probably see a massive amount of rooms saying 'Dive123!!!', 'QuickDive!' I went in one the other day and finally realised what they meant by that....

Basically its a 4v4 deathmatch on the space maps where teams just take turns suiciding off the cliff =/ I was kinda noob though and didnt know that you cant all be dead until under 3 mins is left on the I just suicided and got no exp or money

But if you just want exp points+money, do not have skill to win any pvp matches, just want to afk for 2mins then jump to your death...then this is the best way to earn money+exp. For me though I got bored after 2 rounds and left the room