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Originally Posted by Seim
Ok. This is what I meant by making money.

Our first loss was because of an idiot giving out points like mad even though he was using a decent MS and had ok rank. Then after around 20 wins, our tie came from a psycho, hyakushiki, apsalus group while our own group had 2 snipers and 1 rock... in other words, should've been a loss for us. Then after 15 wins was our second loss... 2 noob rocks that I just let in were getting pwned bad by the other team's rocks. It was stupid. I made +15points that round and we still lost = =...

Yes, I am sorta picky about who I let in... But thats how u win and make money =/
You only make 70G more for winning, so if the time it takes for you to get a decent team takes longer than around 1:30 min (Assuming it's a 5 min game), then you're losing money.

If you REALLY want to make pure money, grab some friends, play PvP RANDOM on Death Match. Death Matches end usually within 3 minutes, and you don't need to waste money to recharge suits. Or you can normal PvP if you're really picky about what suits you use, or if you have some god like / broken suit. (HI FIN FUNNELS, HI MAs, HI C4 C RANKS!)