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Default Pangya IGN plx

Here's a list of current Pangya IGNs of the /ggFTW community in alphabetical order (corresponding to /ggFTW IGNs).

Adun (IGN: Adun)
Chelf (IGN: DarkstarIV)
coolbluex(IGN: Razulle)
DSFARGEG (IGN Mustapusta)
Firagagun IGN: Firagagun
Gamma (IGN: Gamma)
GreenySenpai(IGN: Greeny)
Haruka (IGN: (note)Haruka)
HolyAbyssal(IGN: HolyAbyssal)
JerryJax(IGN: JerryArin)
Koohchan (IGN: lymsleia)
lol (IGN:Hate)
Miraglyth IGN: Miraglyth
Miyuki (IGN: Syranne)
MrPinky (IGN : mikeys)
NoeJeko (IGN: NoeJeko)
RacerX (IGN: Pocoyo)
Rionell(IGN: Rionell)
Shini (IGN: Iishii)
Silvery(IGN: Silvery)
SpinSpinBunny (IGN:Cirno)
Synkronized (IGN: Synkronized)
Teto (IGN: Piruix(:>)(peace))
TimerRabbit (IGN: Makina)
Torikakae (IGN: Tarokun)
Twiztiez(IGN: Twiztiez)
waabee (IGN: robbyrobby)
Waffles(IGN: Floofles)
xKakashi(IGN: (horn)Kevin)
xRinBreadeater IGN: xRinBreadeater
xXChibiDiamondXx(IGN: Uzu)
Yakana (IGN: (e28)Sakaya)

Please tell me if I forgot to edit you into the list!
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