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Are you guys still recruiting? I really wanna join, if you are, here's the information--

Forum Name: Eziyori
In-Game Name: Kiyuubi
Level: 20 (I got to that level in about a day (I level fast))
Location - Time Zone: U.S. - EST (I hope that's what you meant)
Active Hours In-Game: About 2 or more hours on weekdays, more then 4 hours on weekends.
Previous MMO Experience: Wow, a lot! MapleStory, Combat Arms, Cabal, Mabinogi, BYOND, RuneScape.
Why do you want to join? - Well, I see a lot of people with guilds, so I feel kind of left out and lonely. "ShiningRay" is a really cool name!

I hope you reply soon!

P.S.-I usually get on at 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST on weekdays, and get on at 8 AM on weekends.

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