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05-11-2011   #81 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by scucuglia
I ever be a friend of haon, and the pvp of a game dont change it I think,I have some discussions with him already, but who dont do it sometimes? e-e lol if he atake me on pvp or not its not change so much the things for me( I dont know about what he think about that its only my side opnion)so I do not agree with what you spoke sincerely coz haon ever be "friendly" with me when I was in 7n or not, in past or in present o-o

and btw I think he always be on your own side.
maybe on merlyn side now haha, jk
You just misunderstood what I've said.
I meant he is fake, at the point, that he is being friendly to his "ex-enemies" and fake to his friends ~ I was in one of my other chars, just hanging out in PvP ~When I saw him just talking with some 7N he used to hate... Ok, cool ~ He is a nice guy, there's really no problem o_o ~ But, some minutes after, the war started... And mostly Decline members were there, including xSoulMaster, CryforEternity, JockerBR, etc ~ And he was just saying bad stuff about the "7N members" and calling them to war... And so, after a few "atacks" he just left ~ For don't stop being "friendly" and do not seem like a "no help" to his friends,

By the way;
You just saw my post, didnt you? o_o
Read everythigng and ur gonna understand it well.

A trully soldier that believe in his own power, can improve himself and take all his enemies down.

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