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Default Class Descriptions

Hi... How2dothis?

Dunno how a wiki works or how to edit it, but I got this information from Wikipedia and Noe told me we could use it for our wiki. Yeah.

Warriors wield swords, spears, daggers or knuckles. Although they lack defensive capabilities, Warriors excel at dealing high amounts of physical damage in the frontlines. At level 80, they can advance into Warlords or Bladers. Warlords are able to wield large swords, called greatswords, or spears and specialize in brute force. Bladers wield dual swords, and focus on increased attack speed.

Knights wield either a sword or mace in one hand, and a shield in the other. Their exceptionally high physical and magical defenses allow Knights to withstand large amounts of damage. At level 80 they can advance into Temple Knights or Guardians. Temple Knights wield the same weapons are regular Knights, but receive a substantial increase in defense. Guardians only wield knuckles. For that reason, their attacks are martial-arts based.

Mages wield staves, knives, and knuckles. They mainly deal area-of-effect damage by using their magic, which is divided into four elements: fire, water, earth, and wind. Mages are great for damage and support at a distance. At level 80, they can advance into Sorcerers or Artists. Sorcerers wield staves, daggers, and tomes. They specialize in high attack magic. Artists wield stringed instruments of many kinds, and focus on supportive magic for party members.

Travelers wield daggers, bows, crossbows, and knuckles. Most Travelers deal damage from a distance. They lack the damage output of the other classes, but they are compensated with very high attack speed. At level 80, they can advance into Treasure Hunters or Gunslingers. Treasure Hunters wield daggers, bows, and crossbows, specializing on high critical hit rates. They possess passive skills that increase item drop rate and gold drop rate. Gunslingers are the only class able to wield guns and specialize in deadly ranged attacks that hit multiple opponents.

* Daggers and Knuckles are available for all non-advanced characters to wield.
Thought it`d be useful since we have class skills and pictures :O but no descriptions of what each class does!