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Anyways, you're missing the point.

In WoW, you can calculate how much damage per second you would do if you fought a target.
You can calculate their dps. If their's is lower, you should win, right?
Let's say this hunter in WoW has more average dps, defence, and hp than the rogue.
Who will win? There's no question.

Same situation, but in Lunia.
A Krieg with 7.5k hp, 300 max dmg, and 4k defence vs a Tia with 6k hp, 250 max dmg, and 3k defence.
Who will win?
According to the dps calculations, a Krieg of those stats should put out more dps than a Tia. He will most definately win because his he can put out more dps than the tia can deplete his life, no?