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Originally Posted by Jumper
Damage Dealer would be more correct.
Well that would be much better or call it damager..(yes this was used before DPS term is used).

I suppose you can calculate DPS, even though average DPS sounds so much better but in PvP that term isn't even used. I don't pvp by the way but I look into matches once in a while. Of course, it does help as I am a stager but still as Zero said: this is a pvp-based game: STR for damage,DEX for cooldowns...

Okay, say like I use max Tears on a mob and then CD and then do it again, assuming it hits 10 times per round. My DPS would be around 200-ish per hit (with equips of course) and CD is 25 seconds so about 30 seconds, I hit about 4000?-ish damage per 30 seconds, if that's how you calculate it.

EDIT: Well..I know this is supposed to be a guide and I think it's good guide for me to's just well...I don't know.

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